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Is there anything more heartbreaking than realizing that your pet has been stolen? Pet theft is one of the alarming issues in the recent past which requires serious attention and awareness. The act of stealing pets not only affects families but also adversely affects the overall well-being of the pet. “Pet Theft Awareness Day” serves as a reminder to ensure the safety of our furry friends from harmful acts.

“Pet Theft Awareness Day” provides an opportunity to spread awareness among the public and to take preventive measures to safeguard the pet. This day is celebrated on 14th February annually, to seek to bring attention to this rising issue. In 1988, Last Chance for Animals introduced the day to extend their commitment to advocating for domesticated animals. Last Chance for Animals is a non-profit organization which is founded in 1984 by actor Chris DeRose. Since its inception, the organization has campaigned against pet theft, raising awareness about the best practices for pet safety.What is the reason behind pet theft?

Pet theft takes place due to various reasons such as crimes are often motivated by financial gain, high demand for certain breeds or to use of the pet for illicit activities. Tiny and purebred pets are specifically targeted because of their high demand and market value. During Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, there was a notable rise in pet theft. Pet thieves observed the increased enthusiasm for adopting pets during lockdown and used this opportunity to take advantage of it.How to celebrate “Pet Theft Awareness Day”?

1. Ensure the safety and security of your pets – Ensure your pet is microchipped and maintain current information in the database. This not only plays a crucial role in recovering a lost pet but also serves as proof of ownership. Make sure the pet is not left alone at home or in public places and be mindful that you do not tie up your pet in public to ensure pet safety.

2. Spend time as a volunteer at an animal shelter – Animal shelters always welcome pet-friendly volunteers who can contribute to rehabilitating them and making them suitable candidates for adoption. This February 14, consider dedicating a few hours to volunteer at a nearby pet shelter.

3. Bring a rescue pet into your home – Pets are often left abandoned after the tragedy of pet theft. These poor animals find themselves either in animal shelters or roaming the streets. As a part of this celebration consider adopting these animals that are in desperate need of a home and give a new life by welcoming them to your family.The bond between humans and animals is characterized by infinite trust and a profound sense of belonging. Pet theft can be a traumatic experience for both the parties involved. “Pet Theft Awareness Day” seeks to acknowledge and address these emotional consequences while raising awareness and ensuring the safety of our beloved pets.

Together, let’s build a safer world where pets can live happily with their families.

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