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“If you can speak you can influence. If you can influence you can change lives”

Public speaking is one of the most crucial skills that an individual should develop and causes significant progressions in one’s life. Yet, this art is something which instills fear and anxiety within people, all across the globe.

In order to address this issue, our club along with the Gavel Club of University of Colombo organized a Public Speaking Workshop targeting the undergraduates of the University of Colombo, on the 11th of March, 2017, at the university premises.

This workshop was aimed at eliminating the fear instilled within potential and young speakers of the university, to create confidence and ensure that they are more educated about how resourceful and rewarding this skill could be if used effectively. The Guest Speakers for the workshop were Toastmaster Niranjan Desilva, Toastmaster Farhan Imamudeen and Toastmaster Chathura Sooriyaarachchi.

Toastmaster Chathura Sooriyaarachchi
Being an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker, she fulfilled her responsibility of educating the participants on the techniques and styles of public speaking. She equipped participants with many invaluable tools and means through which public speaking could be made more attractive and attention grabbing. This was indeed a cheerful start to the workshop as it gave a proper path and guidance for fresh speakers.

Toastmasters Farhan Imamudeen
Toastmaster Farhan is a Senior Marketing Executive at the Sri Lankan Institute of Directors. He provided an insight of how public speaking is a much needed and decisive factor for a successful corporate journey. With his personal experiences and practical approaches, he certainly created a strong foundation to create the eagerness and the drive to constantly improve and develop public speaking skills.

Toastmaster Niranjan Desilva
Being the former CEO of Metropolitan Computer and a long-stood member of the Toastmaster Club, he expressed his ideas on how to become comfortable on stage and how to effectively put your message across to the audience. Even though he was the last speaker of the workshop, he was able to retain the attention of the participants till the very end through his humor and entertaining ways of interaction with the audience.

Prior to the conclusion of the workshop, participants were given an opportunity to interact with the guest speakers, to clarify any doubts and obtain personalized solutions for public speaking related issues.

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photo Rtr. Inuri Cooray
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