“IGNITE”- The 9th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya

The 9th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya took place on the 6th of September 2015 at the Russian Cultural Center. This was a significant milestone to the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya as it was the second installation since its revival. Rtr. Praveen Fernando, Rtr. Nilukshi Jayawardena, Rtr .Mirangi Lanka Prasada, Rtr Thilini Himashi, Rtr. Ranithri Samarawickrama and Rtr. Dishan Leo attended the event representing our club.

The installation took place under the theme “IGNITE” which was clearly demonstrated with the hall lit up with candles to signify its contribution to the movement in the upcoming year.

The event commenced with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp which was followed by the Rotaract pledge, invocation,  four way test and the Rotaract song.The dignitaries were then invited to take their respective seats on the head table-

  • Chief Guest – Rtn. PHF. Shirani Corea (President of the Rotary Club of Kelaniya)
  • Guest of Honor – Rtn. PP. PHF. Farzana Khan
  • DRCC- Rtn. PP Saifu Adamaly
  • DRR- Rtr. PP. PHF. T. Sathiyeandra Tharmakulerajasingam

The proceedings for the evening was commenced by Rtr. Navodi Silva who welcomed everyone who were present at the installation ceremony by delivering the welcome address as the Chairperson of the installation ceremony which was followed by the Secretary’s Report for the year 2014/2015 which included a video clip reminiscing the projects and memories that were created in the past year.

The speech of the Outgoing President Rtr. Themiya Cabraal was filled with mixed emotions, with great joy and pride regarding the heights and standards that were achieved in the past year as a club that was revived couple of years back. He also extended his gratitude and thanks to the outgoing board for the support that was given in the past year.

With the collaring of the Incoming President Rtr. Chathushka Gunawardena, the new Board for the year 2015/16 was inducted.

  • President – Rtr. Chathushka Gunawardena
  • Immediate Past President  – Rtr. Themiya Cabraal
  • Vice President – Rtr. Reihan Stephen
  • Secretary – Rtr. Rukshani Adhihetty
  • Treasurer – Rtr. Amal Atapattu
  • Editor – Rtr. Nilangika Fernando
  • Sergeant at Arms – Rtr. Sasha Hettiarachchi
  • Joint Community Service Directors – Rtr. Thanushki Adhihetty & Rtr. Chatura Kanakaratna
  • Club Service Director – Rtr. Navodi Silva
  • Director of Professional Development – Rtr. Surith Devagiri
  • Director of International Understanding – Rtr. Bhagya Kanakaratna
  • Director of IT – Rtr. Kevin Perera
  • Director of Finance & PR – Rtr. Adheesha Darmakeerthi
Rtr. Chathushka being collared as the President of the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya

The Chief Guest for the evening Rtn. PHF Shirani Corea, the President of the Rotary Club of Kelaniya, emphasized on the contribution of the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya to the Rotaract  movement in the past years and the importance of the revival of the club.

The DRCC Rtn. PHF. Saifu Adamaly and DRR Rtr. PP. PHF T. Sathiyeandra Tharmakulerajasingam reminded of the proud history of the club and also the DRRs that were produced in the past by the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya. Rtr. Indika Fernando in the year 2004/2005 and Rtr. Jakque Diasz in the year 2005/2006 were proud products of the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya, who carried out their duties as DRRs for the Rotaract movement.

Board of Directors 2015/16 of the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya

The importance of making a difference as a small community was emphasized by the DRR Rtr. Shakthi in his briefing, as the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya is known for its proud history of making a significant contribution to the society.

The event was also made a platform to provide a briefing regarding “IGNITE”, one of the major projects of the Club in the upcoming year. Rtr. Reihan Stephen, the chairperson of the project,  briefed everyone regarding the project. The purpose of this project is to give new and upcoming brands an opportunity to perform on stage and showcase their talent. “IGNITE” also provides the opportunity  for young entrepreneurs to launch their products to the public. We as the members of RC UOC FMF look forward to be a part of it and wish them all success in carrying out the project successfully.

The night was also filled with  color among the lit up hall with a performance by Rtr. Reihan Stephen who entertained everyone with a couple of old school rock songs which got the crowd singing along and feeling as if it was a soul concert with the candle lit atmosphere.

The ceremony concluded with the felicitations by the invited clubs which was followed by the vote of thanks by the newly appointed Secretary for the year Rtr. Rukshani Adhihetty.

FMFer’s Selfie with the President of RCK Rtr. Chathushka Gunawardena

The Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance conveys its best wishes to the newly elected President Rtr. Chathushka Gunawardena and his board for a successful Rotaract year ahead.

Written by-

photo Rtr. Dishan Leo
Club Member 

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