Rotaraction ’16 – Two months of Competition & Fellowship

Rotaraction 2016, as word has spread, was an event filled with sportsmanship, fellowship and fun. It was the signature Club Service Project organized by our club, which was carried out in the months of November and December 2016, in celebration of the sports month. 

All the club members were divided into four houses and points were allocated to the houses according to their participation at internal and external Rotaract events during the said period. This was followed up with the “League dé FMF” which comprised of a number of sports such as cricket, basketball, badminton, athletics and many more. 

The story behind the names of the houses is one of rich history, being named after the First Four Rotarians in the history of the Rotary Movement; Rtn. Paul P. Harris, Rtn. Gustavus Loehr, Rtn. Silvester Schiele and Rtn. Hiram E. Shorey.

Eight of the best and the brightest led the four houses, consisting of 50 members each. House Gustavus was led by Rtr. Ranithri Samarawickrama and Rtr. Chamara Madushanka; House Silvester by Rtr. Uvini Liyanage and Rtr. Shenali Fernando; House Paul Harris by Rtr. Promodya Abeysekara and Rtr. Amali Wijekoon and House Shorey by Rtr. Malith Nirmal and Rtr. Sarala Gunawardena.

Indoor sports were held on the 9th of December and the four houses battled to win the Championship of three sports namely, badminton, carom, and table tennis. Badminton was won by House Silvester and carrom and table tennis championships were both won by House Paul Harris. 

Next, the four houses went head to head in their basketball Championship on the 15th of December and House Silvester clinched the basketball champions’ title by their exceptional team performance.

The Final winning house was determined at the “League dé FMF” and was awarded with the title of “Champions Of Rotaraction 2016” on the 17th of December. The four houses battled for the ultimate championship by competing in athletics, cricket, tag rugby, obstacle race and team events. After intense competition, the overall athletic championship was won by House Silvester, while House Paul Harris grabbed the cricket and tag rugby titles and House Gustavus managed to show their talents in the obstacle race. The 17th of December was all about fierce competition for the coveted League De’ FMF trophy, which was won by House Paul Harris.

Finally, the much anticipated victory belonged to the House Silvester being crowned as the Overall Champions of Rotaraction 2016, while House Gustavus was able to finish as the runners up. 

The main objectives of this project was to give a warm welcome to the newly joined members and to provide an opportunity for every member of our club to interact with each other and to experience the true values Rotaract stands for. It also motivated the members to be more involved in the Rotaract Movement as a whole.

Further, Rotaraction ’16 was a great a platform for our members to display their sports talents and all members welcomed the opportunity with open arms, as they showed much enthusiasm and fought hard with a true sense of sportsmanship towards carrying their houses towards the championship. 

Last but certainly not the least, the biggest Club Service project in the history of RCUOCFMF would not have been a reality if not for its chairpersons, our very own Co-Directors of Club Service, Rtr. Peshala Samaratunga and Rtr. Oshani Weerakkody and the team, the captains of the four houses and most importantly the enthusiasm shown by all the members in completing a successful month of competition and fellowship.

Congratulations to all the winners and hope to see you all again at Rotaraction 2017!!

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Rtr. Akshana Perera
Club Member
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