Rotaractors of the Month – April 2024


Hats off to the Stars of the show behind RACUOCFMF’s success! Let’s give a big round of applause to Rtr. Okitha Marasinghe, Rtr. Saduni Wijemanna, Rtr. Dilmini Senadeera, and Rtr. Shaakya Weerakoon. These exceptional Rotaractors are our stars of the month for April. Their unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions have made a significant impact in our communities. Thank you for your dedication and positive energy!Rtr. Okitha Marasinghe: Rtr. Okitha Marasinghe truly shone in Ale Avurudu 2.0, capturing all the sweetest moments with the special kids at Mithsevana Government Rehabilitation Centre. Through his keen eye and skillful camera work, he gifted us unforgettable memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you, Okitha, for preserving these precious moments and allowing us to relive the joy and love shared that day!Rtr. Dilmini Senadeera: Rtr. Dilmini Senadeera, the co-chair of Ale Avurudu 2.0, did an exceptional job by bringing the joyful and festive spirit of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year to the special needs kids at Mithsevana Government Rehabilitation Centre. She, alongside her team, warmed their hearts by giving them gifts and creating an atmosphere filled with happiness and celebration. Her efforts truly made the event memorable and meaningful. Thank you, Dilmini, for your wonderful contributions!Rtr. Saduni Wijemanna: Rtr. Saduni Wijemanna, the co-chair of the project Rota Avurudu ’24, did an outstanding job alongside her committee. Together, they successfully brought vibrant Avurudu traditions and festive spirit to all the participants, creating a memorable and joyful experience for everyone involved. Thank you, Saduni, for your dedication and effort in making this event a success!Rtr. Shaakya Weerakoon: Rtr. Shaakya Weerakoon, the co-chair of Rota Avurudu ’24, did an outstanding job guiding his team. He ensured that the participants of the Avurudu celebration felt an energetic and vibrant atmosphere throughout the event. His leadership and dedication brought the festive spirit to life, making the celebration truly memorable for everyone involved. Thank you, Shaakya, for your remarkable efforts and enthusiasm!

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Rtr. Kaveesha Dodanthenna
(Co-Director of Membership Development 2023-24)

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