Rotaractors of the Month (December 2020) – Eranga, Dilki & Navinda

Rotaractors of the Month – December

Rtr. Eranga Dias

Rtr. Eranga has been playing quite a supportive role in our club. He co-chaired the project “Fitness Unleashed” which was organized to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of its participants. Rtr. Eranga has also participated in a series of internal and external events as well. It is indeed a great strength to have such members in the club who consider it as their utmost importance.

We are truly grateful to have a member like him in the club.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Eranga Dias!! RACUOCFMF is proud of you!


Rtr. Dilki Kottage

Rtr. Dilki has always been an enthusiastic member since day 1. The success of Project “Alvaro” was a result of the hard work of Rtr. Dilki and her committee. She managed to handle all the obstacles so well and successfully concluded the panel discussion for a very timely concern -“Dating Abuse and Etiquettes”. We are indeed happy to have a member like her in the club and hope to receive her fullest support in the coming years as well.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Dilki Kottage!! RACUOCFMF is proud of you!


Rtr. Navinda Meepe

Rtr. Navinda has been a highly active and very supportive member of RACUOCFMF. He co-chaired project “Fitness Unleashed”, and ensured to carry on the high spirit and enthusiasm of the project, throughout all the ups and downs. He has also represented our club in many Internal and External events, and in currently co-chairing one of the most anticipated projects of RACUOCFMF. We appreciate the enthusiasm he shows towards the club and we look forward to receiving his support throughout the year.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Navinda Meepe!! RACUOCFMF is proud of you!


Written By:

Rtr. Aamina Ismail
(President – 2020/21)

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