Rotaractors of the Month – December 2023


In the bustling world of community service and humanitarian efforts, certain individuals shine brighter than others, their dedication and leadership leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and lives of those they serve. In December 2023, the spotlight fell upon two remarkable Rotaractors whose exemplary work and unwavering commitment to their cause earned them the prestigious title of Rotaractors of the Month. Meet Rtr. Piyumi Tharangika and Rtr. Isuru Madurapperuma, the dynamic duo behind the resounding success of Project Mission Compassion.Project Mission Compassion emerged as a beacon of hope in a world often marred by adversity and despair. Led by the visionary leadership of Piyumi and Isuru, this community service initiative sought to uplift and empower the most vulnerable members of society – the little hearts yearning for love, care, and support. Their project aimed to provide essential resources, educational opportunities, and emotional assistance to children in need, thereby sowing the seeds of compassion and kindness that would blossom into a brighter tomorrow. Piyumi Tharangika and Isuru Madurapperuma exemplified true leadership in action throughout Project Mission Compassion. Their journey was characterized by tireless dedication, strategic planning, and a profound sense of empathy towards those they served. From coordinating fundraising efforts to organizing educational workshops and recreational activities, Piyumi and Isuru spared no effort in ensuring the success and sustainability of their project.As we look towards the future, may the dedication and leadership of Piyumi and Isuru inspire future initiatives and endeavors within our Rotaract club and the broader community. Let us continue to foster a culture of service and solidarity, building upon the foundation laid by these exceptional Rotaractors and ensuring that their impact endures for generations to come. Together, let us continue to strive toward a brighter future, one filled with hope, compassion, and endless possibilities.

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Rtr. Kaveesha Dodanthenna
(Co-Director of Membership Development 2023-24)

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