Rotaractors of the Month – September 2023


In the dynamic world of Rotaract, where dedication and enthusiasm form the bedrock of success, two standout figures exemplify this ethos—Rtr. Sandaru Nimsara and Rtr. Manoj Ranathunga. Tasked with helming the ‘Cleansy 3.0’ project, they embraced the challenge with boundless energy, despite limited prior experience. From the project’s inception, their unwavering commitment, sense of responsibility, and exceptional organizational skills shone brightly. In a remarkably brief period, they transformed their nascent experience into a resounding success story.What truly set Rtr. Sandaru and Rtr. Manoj apart was their adeptness at effectively engaging their committee members. Recognizing and appreciating each individual’s contributions, they ensured the prompt completion of every task. Their leadership style became a testament to exceptional teamwork and coordination, showcasing what can be achieved with determination and a clear vision.Another luminary in the Rotaract galaxy is Rtr. Lihansa Edirisinghe. Her unparalleled work ethic is evident in her meticulous approach to every task. Planning and maintaining open communication with the entire committee were pivotal elements of her leadership strategy. During her tenure with Project Tech Trailblazer 23, her role spanned a wide array of responsibilities, from PR planning to providing refreshments, and even assuming the role of a compere for one of the sessions. Rtr. Lihansa’s versatility and willingness to go above and beyond were instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution of the project. Those fortunate enough to collaborate with her found the experience to be nothing short of a joyride.In acknowledgment of their outstanding contributions, we, at RACUOCFMF, extend our heartfelt congratulations to Rtr. Sandaru, Rtr. Manoj, and Rtr. Lihansa for a job exceptionally well done. Their achievements stand as an inspiration to all, underscoring the transformative power of dedication, teamwork, and effective leadership in the realm of Rotaract projects. Their journey serves as a testament to what can be achieved when passion converges with purpose.

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Rtr. Kaveesha Dodanthenna
(Co-Director of Membership Development 2023-24)

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