Sri Lanka; An exquisite island you shouldn’t miss to travel

An island of approx. 65,610 Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean off the southern tip of the coast of India. It lies between 7.8731° N, 80.7718° E.

Warm and fine year-round. Average temperatures around  27 °C in Colombo going down as the land rises to the hill country to as low as 10 °C. The island has two wet zones between May and July in the southwest and December/ January in the northeast. Climatically Sri Lanka has no off-season. Bright sunny days are the rule and are common even during the wet season.

We welcome you to our beautiful island, Sri Lanka. The island’s proud history dates back over 2500 years and the breathtaking diversity of scenery will capture your heart and soul like no other destination. May the time you spend on our Island be filled with exciting memories of which you will carry long after you leave our shores.

The palms clasped together and a gentle bow of the head accompanies ” ayubowan” (āyubōwan)(may you be blessed with a long life), Sri Lanka’s gentle gesture of welcome and respect. It’s the age-old greeting of our people, and the chances are you’ll be greeted this way, wherever you happen to travel throughout the island.

What may entice your heart about Sri Lanka is its amazing diversity of scenery. It is possible to pass the brilliant green paddy fields down south, sun-bronzed beaches, ruined cities, small lively villages, sanctuaries for wildlife in tropical jungles, and hill country tea plantations literally within your stay here. I suggest you let the sea breeze into your lungs and breathe it in.

The island’s economy has traditionally been based on agriculture, with rice as the main food crop. Spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and pepper have been age-old exports, as were gems and even elephants. The Sri Lanka tuskers are mighty creatures that have a prime lineage dating back from 380 BC.

What you shouldn’t even miss on your stay here is the exquisite food; which is spicy that you wouldn’t tolerate much. But this authentic food can take you to heaven, so; you should try the food. You can either eat food from Five Star Hotels or in kiosks and that wouldn’t change your taste buds. After the spicy food, a good cup of tea accompanies which is a good combination. There are many types of tea that you should try. We’ve different varieties of Black Tea, White Tea, and Green Tea.

So, grab your stuff, get packing and visit our exquisite Island, Sri Lanka and we will surely welcome you with open arms and smiles.

Sonali Sandarekha
(5th Place – Descriptive Article Category)

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