The FANDEMIC – Harry Potter

Hey there Potterheads!

Harry Potter himself said, “Time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead”. Similarly we say that “Time will not slow down, when the next question of the Quiz lies ahead!”  

And we know that a hint for an answer would be like socks for Dobby, for all of you right now, just before the Quiz! So as you try your best to claim the victory cup, just remember that Hufflepuff’s cup was destroyed after the Slytherin Locket! (The Quiz will be a timed quiz. So the faster you answer, higher the points you’ll score! Therefore we are pretty sure this will come in handy!)

Besides, Thank-you for registering yourself for “The FANDEMIC”! We were overwhelmed by your response!

To get started, firstly you’ll need a personal “Poll Everywhere / PollEv” account since the Quiz will be hosted on the “Poll Everywhere / PollEv” platform. (If you already have an account, you need not follow these steps. But please do go through the final paragraph.**)

You have 3 options to access the PollEv Platform;

a)Via a web browser on your Laptop / Personal Computer
b)Via a web browser on your Mobile
c)Via the “Poll Everywhere” App downloaded on your Mobile through App Store/Play Store.

Creating your own Pollev Account;

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the icon on the top right corner of your screen and then click on “Login or Sign up”.

Step 3: Click on the sign up tab and create an account by filling out the required details or choose “Sign up with Google”.

*Kindly use your full name to avoid duplication of names.

Step 4: You will then be directed to the screen below.

Final Step: Wait for further instructions as the username for the quiz will be sent to you ONE HOUR BEFORE the quiz. Then, Copy paste the username/link given to you on the space below and click “Join”. Please do join the Quiz about 10 minutes before it starts.

Follow the instructions on the screen and you would be guided to the quiz!

**Kindly create your personal PollEv Account as early as possible so that all you have to do is enter the quiz user name just before the quiz starts. As aforementioned, the quiz username will be given 1 hour before the quiz starts, so that you can login early (at least 10 minutes before) and wait till it starts automatically. (The Quiz starts at 2.00 P.M) 

Hoping to see all of you logged in to PollEv, 10 minutes before 2.00 p.m on the 19th April –TODAY!

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