The Pandemic Tale

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why do you always wait for a call?
Here I am with an unanswered query
To fill the pages of the future diary

Yesterday we were having a fest
And awaiting tomorrow be the best
Then the play of nature had a twist
‘Change your lives now’, it insist

Oh mirror, freeze awhile and hear my story
Not with magic, castles, royalty and glory
But with fluster, trapped walls, and misery
Oh mirror, listen to this abrupt mystery

Look into their eyes to speak and feel
The depth of hope though the face is conceal
Whoever thought, we’ll be unknown
As it prohibits us; the mask we own

The dragon of the gigantic pandemic,
Trapped us all within the walls of home
Fearing all to step out for a mirthful roam
Vanishing all the imminent plans like foam

Within the silver screen we lived our lives
Our diaries went blank with nothing to write
Except for the hope which made us delight
Everything will be all right and one day we’ll reunite

Mirror mirror on the wall, how could we surpass all?
“home, mask, sanitizer is the spell if you ask,
That day will come soon for everyone to unmask”
Smile with hope and together win nature’s task.

Written By : –

Rahma Zuhri
(Top 20 nominee)
Wordsville 2.0

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