“Turn up the volume of your inner voice”- Rtr. Aqeela Najeeb

The following is an article submitted by our club member Rtr. Aqeela Najeeb for the Freedom Express Bulletin that is published by the Rotaract Club of Bangalore Kalyan. “Freedom Express” is an award winning initiative by the Rotaract Club of Bangalore Kalyan and is aimed at celebrating the diverse vernacular of the world. The Freedom Express was a grand success last year and our club is proud to have been a part of Freedom Express since last year. 

“Turn up the volume of your inner voice”

People all around the world have different definition for freedom and they say that freedom is choice, it is not only about being free but feeling free, to do what you like, to express your opinion and much more. The question is do I get to feel my freedom? Do I have the freedom to enjoy my freedom?

Being a woman I always question myself do I really enjoy my freedom. Even if I’m the one to make the choice, isn’t it influenced by people around me; my family, my friends, colleagues and norms of the society at large. Am I not afraid about what the others would think and talk about me if I chose to do something I like? 

May it be a dress, education, career, degree, sport, hanging out with friends, going out at night, partying, marriage, relationships or doing any activity of my liking, what would people say. Around me around the world I see, I hear different comments being made and the blame is always put on us, women. 

Sometimes it may be for my own protection, but they tell me what not to do instead of telling me how to protect myself and yet I chose to not question it. Simply because I’m part of the society and I can’t live without the others around me, I chose to please them, to sacrifice my likings for them and I’m contented or rather I tell myself  that I’m happy with the so called freedom that has been given to me by the society. I simply chose to follow the norms because I was afraid to stand up for my own beliefs. I would think why don’t they understand that their right to swing their fist ends right where my nose begins, but never speak up. 

The bitter truth is I have lost my voice, I have lost my freedom and ultimately I have lost my happiness. Being a woman is no reason to give up on your freedom nor to keep silent. My vision of freedom is every woman being able to volume up her inner voice. Finding the courage and strength to stand up for herself, for her choices, for her freedom and to feel her freedom.

Written by-

Rtr. Aqeela Najeeb
Co-Director – Community Service 2015/16 

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