Vanajeeviyo 2.0

Hey Diary,

A project that was beyond amazing! Vanajeeviyo 2.0 took us on a wild ride through nature conservation and sustainability. From colorful Photosynthesis to the incredible animal kingdom of Zootopia, we were in awe of Mother Nature’s wonders. The Rescue 2.0 phase showed us the power of compassion and how we can make a difference in the lives of rescued animals. And let us tell you, Diary, it was truly heartwarming! Ecology taught us about the delicate balance of ecosystems, reminding us why we must protect and restore our natural habitats. And in the Green World phase, we became eco-warriors ready to change the world!

This diary is our reminder to cherish and protect our beautiful planet. Vanajeeviyo 2.0 has inspired us to be nature-loving superheroes.

Click here to join us on the journey of Vanajeeviyo 2.0!

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