You Are What You Eat!


Great philosophical minds are shaped to think rigorously and examine critically by reading literary works, having discussions, debates and pondering far and beyond about the unknown and the unanswered! But, the greatest of all philosophical, intellectual, abstract ideologies are discovered in the shower! Yes, the shower does not only give rise to award winning singers and actors but brings out the inner philosopher in you too! My brain did a 360 while doing somersaults in a triathlon, when I had my eureka moment…!

‘You are what you eat!’

If that’s the case, then cannibals are more human than humans (who eat plants and animals) could ever be! Because in the literal sense, you are what you eat right? Implying further that if you eat an animal…you are an animal…a monster! Shame on you!

Whilst posing a series of questions: do you become more human by consuming your own kind? What leads one to do such an immoral, reprehensible act? Is cannibalism just an extension of one eating their own fingernails or licking their wounds/ blood?

Historically, cannibalism was practiced in many cultures during warfare, rituals and famine! Aboriginal Australians practiced cannibalism as a ritual of consuming the diseased or the dead! Where the dead never leave them and will always be a part of them, quite literally! The similar was seen in Africa, where headhunters engaged in cannibalism, as means of absorbing the vitality of their enemies! Even the supposed civilized and sophisticated Europeans engaged in cannibalism, where upper class members of British Royalty applied or wore concoctions made of human body parts till the 18th century!

In the current day and age, cannibalism is illegal and is considered to be a taboo! As it rightfully should be!? However, many notorious cannibals like Jeffrey Dahmer, Armin Meiwes, Issei Sagawa would beg to differ! Issei Sagawa went a step ahead and justified the gruesome act of consuming a woman he was infatuated with, by stating that it was his ‘only reason for living’! Speechless?!? Red tape issues and bureaucracy killed justice! As, Sagawa wasn’t jailed for his crime but instead walked freely! To add on, he capitalized on his notoriety by publishing a novel called ‘In the fog’ reminiscing the murder in vivid detail and appeared in many pornographic movies as well!

Cannibals depict various mental disorders, such as psychosis, schizophrenia, and antisocial personality disorder, which is often associated with feelings of aggression, violence, and a lack of empathy. They also tend to have a distorted perception of reality and at times suffer from delusions and hallucinations too. Isn’t it quite convenient for cannibals to use such mental disorders as an excuse to feign innocence? To state that they’re incapable of differentiating right from wrong, hence making them not legally accountable for the crime! Moreover, there is no law directly governing cannibalism, but is indirectly prohibited through the laws against murder! Well, thank god for that!

Just some food for thought (no pun intended ;p)!

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Rtr. Piravena Paheerathan
(Co-Director International Service 2022-23)
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Hannibal Lecter

I agree!! Eating humans makes us more human! Take it from me ☺️🤪

Hasara NS

Enjoyed it! Was a fun read! 😅❤


Wow piravena didn’t expect this from you 😂