Center Stage – District Rotaract Secretary Rtr. IPP Danica Harding


In the second episode of Center Stage 2023 Edition, we had the pleasure of sitting down with an extraordinary Rotaract personality. The District Rotaract Secretary Rtr. IPP Danica Harding joined us for a lively interview with Rtr. Venuja Silva. Her insights on service, leadership, and the qualities of Rotaractors are truly inspiring. And her adventures in photobombing are quite intriguing, to say the least.

Don’t miss this engaging conversation as we dive deep into the District Rotaract Secretary Rtr. IPP Danica Harding’s journey in Rotaract and her famous quirks.

Here are a few more questions we asked her, and her thoughtful answers to them:

What advice would you give for the newbies in Rotaract, as an experienced Rotaractor?

I’m happy you think I’m experienced, but umm what I would say is I always say this. We are volunteering. So it’s all our free time we are putting here. So some advice would be to sort of remember that you have a life outside Rotaract as well because sometimes we tend to get so absorbed in this. And we think this is life, but it’s not life. This is a part you’d do separately. So it’s really very important that we know where to draw the line between life and Rotaract. And also what I say is, since you’re volunteering, don’t be here for other motives. Like there are people who come here for fame and everything. But Rotaract is mostly about doing something good and building yourself and in building yourself. I don’t think you should have all these weird agendas of maybe political or fame or personal things because this is not the forum for that.

In your opinion what qualities are most needed for a Rotaractor?

I think Rotaractors have to have a lot of qualities. But as for me, Rotaractors should be honest. They should be more honest and more humble I would say, and also hardworking.

Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the CENTER STAGE next!

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Well done team, it was an enjoyable video and funny 😂 💜