Center Stage – DRR Rtn. Rtr. PP Ahamed S. Hussain


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to roll out the red carpet and make way for the return of the most sensational interview series in town! That’s right, the wait is over, and we are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated comeback of ‘CENTER STAGE,’ the show that puts Rotaract personalities front and center! Brace yourself for an exclusive, fun-filled, showstopping, and amazing journey as we take you on a captivating ride with some of the most recognizable faces in Rotaract. And who else to start this journey with other than our very own DRR!! Check out our first episode of the 2023 edition of Center Stage featuring District Rotaract Representative Rtn. Rtr. PP Ahamed S. Hussain. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and educated as he takes us through an exciting chat with our interviewer, Rtr. Nethuni De Silva

From traveling halfway across the world for a date to pondering the virtues of simplicity, our guest is full of surprises. Don’t miss out on this captivating episode, exclusively on ‘CENTER STAGE’!

Here are a few more questions we asked him, and his thoughtful answers to them:

So what were your biggest challenges as a DRR, and how did you overcome them? 

Firstly getting a team together to work together… the team who’s not known to each other also right? Because you’re getting random people from different locations and different clubs to work together for one year. Whereas you give them.totally different responsibilities that they wouldn’t have not even imagined. People, they might like or might not like would have to work together also. So that was sort of a challenge, initially but then managed to get it sorted out because all the ADR’s are supposed to look after their own team. So it was not only my team, it was their team as well. So in that sense, the responsibilities were shared among everyone. So I think that got the work done.

An advice you’d like to leave all young Rotaractors who’ll be watching this episode. 

I mean… usually the same thing I always say. You’re the leaders if today, not tomorrow. Be yourself, make mistakes and learn from it as well. We have the opportunity right now because most are leaving the country as well. So you can make a change, you can make a difference. So make use of it and do the right thing so that your generation and next generations to come can have a lot of fruitful years to come.

Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the CENTER STAGE next!

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