A Million Dreams

A million dreams is all it’s gonna take
A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make

“Not just one or two, but a MILLION! Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you A Million Dreams.

A voice echoed on the 26th of February at the East Wing Auditorium of the University of Colombo Faculty of Management and Finance out of much joy, excitement and of course pride with the presence of the Chief Guest, Mr. Krishan Balaji, Special Invitee, Mr. Shakthi Tharmakularajasingam, Assistant District Rotaract Representatives, Alumni of RACUOCFMF, the FMF family, and all our loving well-wishers. 

பெப்ரவரி 26 ஆம் திகதி கொழும்பு பல்கலைக்கழக முகாமைத்துவ மற்றும் நிதி பீடத்தின் கிழக்குப் பகுதி கேட்போர் கூடத்தில் பிரதம அதிதியான திரு. கிருஷன் பாலாஜி, சிறப்பு அழைப்பாளர் திரு. சக்தி தர்மகுலராஜசிங்கம், உதவி மாவட்ட ரோட்ராக்ட் பிரதிநிதிகள், RACUOCFMF இன் பழைய மாணவர்கள், FMF குடும்பத்தினர் மற்றும் எங்கள் அன்பான நலம் விரும்பிகளுடன் FMF வலைப்பதிவு புதிய பரிமானத்துடன் நிறுவப்பட்டது. ப்ளாக் என்ற அட்டகாசமான பெயரின் மூலம் விழித்திருந்த கண்களுக்கு முன்பாகக் காட்டப்பட்டதால், தூங்குபவர்களுக்கு மட்டுமே கனவுகள் என்று யார் சொன்னது!

ප්‍රධාන ආරාධිත අමුත්තා වූ ක්‍රිෂාන් බාලාජි මහතා, විශේෂ ආරාධිත අමුත්තා ශක්ති තර්මකුලරාජසිංහම් මහතා,සහකාර දිස්ත්‍රික් රොටරැක්ට් නියෝජිතයින්, RACUOCFMF හි ආදි සිසුන්, FMF පවුල, සහ අපගේ සියලු ආදරණීය සුභ පතන්නන්ගේ පැමිණීමත් සමඟ පෙබරවාරි 26 වැනි දින කොළඹ විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ කළමනාකරණ හා මූල්‍ය පීඨයේ නැගෙනහිර අංශයේ ශ්‍රවණාගාරයේදී හඬක් දෝංකාර දුන්නේ මහත් ප්‍රීතියෙන්, උද්යෝගයෙන් සහ ඇත්ත වශයෙන්ම අභිමානයෙනි.

කව්ද කිව්වෙ, හීන කියන්නේ නිදාගෙන ඉන්න අය දකින දෙයක් විතරයි කියල. මොකද FMF Blog කියන අනර්ඝ නාමය ඒ හීන ඇහැරිලා හිටපු ඇස් ඉස්සරහ පෙන්නුම් කළා!

Who said, dreams are just for the ones asleep because it was shown in front of the eyes that were awake through the magnificent name, FMF Blog! 

The magic of the eve was initiated with the melodious voices of RACUOCFMF that sang out A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman. With the fading of those mesmerizing melodies, the spotlight was conquered by the Co-Editors of RACUOCFMF Rtr. Zahra Raihana Zuhri and Rtr. Hasara Nadee Shakya for the term 2022-23 to walk the audience through the event ahead. With the official start of ‘A Million Dreams’ and a heartfelt welcome, the Editors answered the question many had in mind at that moment. WHY A MILLION DREAMS? Though said in a few words, the explanation was kind of lengthy not lengthy yet a bit fun too. 

With that, Mr. Shakthi Tharmakularajasingam was invited to speak a few words where he reminded of the marvelous journey of the blog of RACUOCFMF ever since its very existence. (On a side note: No he didn’t trigger the past and present editors by saying we missed a Gold Award for the Best Blog because they never did!) 

With that, controls were back to the current Editors.

It was time!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it was actually time! For what??? 


Well… For the moment of the day! For the climax of the evening! For the grand transformation of the blog of RACUOCFMF into the marvelous FMF BLOG! 

No drum rolls were needed because the excitement and enthusiasm covered its absence. Spotlighting the Chief Guest Mr. Krishan Balaji, Special Invitees, Mr. Shakthi Tharmakularajasingam, Mr. Akhila Wijethunga, Rtr. Gajaba Senaratne, Rtr. Samindi Weerakoon, and Rtr. Afkar Saleem with a click the grand transformation took place amidst a cheerful hosting and audience. With that, the Editors entitled themselves to explain WHAT A MILLION DREAMS were.

Finally not all, but to some extent the magnificence of FMF Blog was unleashed followed by a few words by the Chief Guest of the Day, Mr. Krishan Balaji who appreciated and admired the long journey of the FMF Blog.

Then not to forget the Raffle Draw which actually hyped the audience despite their names being in the raffle or not with our very own International Service Avenue Co-Director Rtr. Piravena Paheerathan’s super duper fun hosting. Three lucky winners were chosen by the special guests and gifted with some amazing stuff wrapped (So you probably don’t know that they were amazing, but they were!).

Next up, the mic was over to the President of RACUOCFMF Rtr. Gajaba Senaratne who gave a glance of the Million Dreams journey. Then nearing the end of the evening, the tokens of appreciation were given to our special guests for gracing the event with their presence.

Not to forget the team behind this grandness, The FMF Blog team! A short video featuring them was played that was compiled by our very own Vice President, Rtr. Afkar Saleem.

Then officially it was the end of the day with the ending remarks by the Editors again. 

This journey is a dream come true! A dream of not one or two but a whole lot of people who are not in front of the scene. Not to forget the founder of the blog, Mr. Ruzni Faik who was the initiator of A Million Dreams and if not for him this would still remain a dream. From the very beginning to the very last Editors Rtr. Afkar Saleem and Rtr. Thirandi Dharmawardhana it was overwhelming to see the love and support all FMF Editors had for the blog. Here’s thanking all of them along with our President, Rtr. Gajaba Senaratne, Secretary, Rtr. Samindi Weerakoon, The Blog team, the Organizing Committee, and the Board of Directors for coping up with all the ups and downs and pulling this off the best way it could be done supporting us in some way or other,

With that, that filled the hearts of everyone who loved FMF Blog A Million Dreams was done for the day because here at FMF Blog, it’s just not enough!

Written By:-





Rtr. Hasara Nadee & Rtr. Zahra Zuhri
(Editors 2022-23)

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Piravena Paheerathan

Indeed a magical moment

Ruzni Faik