Blog Members of the Month – May 2024


In the final month of the RI Year two stars shined brightly, paving the way for others to follow. The Blog Team of FMF proudly celebrates Rtr. Onasha Fernando & Rtr. Yasali Dulhara as the esteemed Blog members for May.Rtr. Yasali demonstrated immense skills in translating and proofreading multiple initiatives in the month of May. Yasali who is an extremely talent writer proofread multiple articles of the Whispers and Wonders initiative and actively pointed out any errors or corrections that need to be done to make sure the reader and the writer gets a wonderful and accurate article. Proficient in the Sinhala Language she took charge in translating not only the Quarter 4 Sinhala Roundup, but she also was an esteemed member of the translating team in the club’s Annual Report team. She also constantly provided translations for project articles during the month of May. Rtr. Yasali’s commitment to make sure every article is error free has been a plus point to the FMF Blog team not only for the month of May but also throughout the whole year as well.Rtr. Onasha’s dedication is unparalleled. She is always ready to help. Her consistent contributions towards helping the editors in miscellaneous tasks have been really helpful. The co-chair of project Bloggers Bliss was her idea to make sure that the team gets much needed rest and relaxation for all the hard work they put into the blog. Not only that she constantly pushed for the blog team and Junior Blog team to have a year end party to celebrate all the accomplishments that was achieved during the year and the party is currently scheduled for the last week of June. Rtr. Onasha also provided valuable content to the project Benchmark by presenting the fourth episode of The Brunching Series at Café Monica.The duo of Rtr. Yasali and Rtr. Onasha exemplifies dedication and enthusiasm, steering the Blog Team toward new heights of success. Congratulations to both of them for their well-deserved recognition as the Blog Team members of May.

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Rtr. Amaan Thaha
(Co-Editor 2023-24)

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