Board Members of the Month – May 2024


Rtr. Yasith

Rtr. Yasith is a powerhouse behind his silent personality. He went above and beyond for the biggest project of the year, “What Next 2024 – The Career Expo.” This successful event was the result of months of dedication and passion. Rtr. Yasith, with his expertise, led the team with utmost efficiency and determination, managing to pull off the most successful career fair at the faculty despite the ongoing non-academic strike.

Rtr. Nethmi

Rtr. Nethmi, with her engaging personality, maintained crucial connections with company partners, sponsors, and the career guidance unit of the faculty throughout the planning and execution of “What Next 2024 – The Career Expo.” Her dedication and commitment were pivotal to the project’s success. Through numerous sleepless nights, Rtr. Nethmi ensured the event exceeded expectations, making it bigger and better than initially planned.Together, Rtr. Yasith and Rtr. Nethmi demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership, and teamwork. Their combined efforts and unwavering commitment were instrumental in the success of “What Next 2024 – The Career Expo,” showcasing their ability to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results. We, as the President and the Secretary of the club, couldn’t be prouder and happier for the heights Rtr. Yasith and Rtr. Nethmi were able to take this project to. Their dedication and hard work have brought unparalleled success to “What Next 2024 – The Career Expo.” These two truly deserve all the appreciation for their exceptional efforts and achievements. Their contributions have not only elevated the event but also inspired and motivated fellow members to strive for excellence.Written By: –





Rtr. Vishvi Wijetunge
(President 2023-24)

Written By: –





Rtr. Melisha Gonaduwa
(Secretary 2023-24)

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