Celebrating Black Love Day: A Spiritual Journey of Unity and Reflection


Black Love Day, observed annually on February 13 since its founding in 1993, is a unique and meaningful celebration rooted in African cultures. The day encourages participants to embrace the five Tenets: practicing love towards the Creator, oneself, family, the Black community, and the Black race for 24 hours.Ayo Handy-Kendi, founder of the African American Holiday Association (AAHA), emphasizes the simplicity of demonstrating love, celebrating, atoning, forgiving, and accepting the tenets. The greeting “Nya Akoma” resonates with the day’s spirit, urging individuals to “get a heart, be patient, return to love.” The Akoma, an Adinkra symbol, symbolizes love, patience, goodwill, faithfulness, and endurance. Celebrating Black Love Day takes diverse forms, from participating in Black community activities to supporting Black-owned businesses and engaging in reflection. Even simple acts like spending time with friends and expressing love for Black culture on social media contribute to the celebration.Importantly, Black Love Day extends beyond the Black community, welcoming people of all races to participate. The call to “put love into action” prompts individuals to examine their behavior and racial attitudes toward Black people. This inclusive approach encourages conversations, introspection, and any form of support for the Black community. While the practice of the tenets remains a constant tradition, the theme of Black Love Day evolves annually. Themes like “Reparations 2 Repair 2 Reconcile 2 Restore the LOVE” in 2020 and “Healing the Wounds That Divide – Re-uniting Our Strengths Thru Black Love” in 2021 reflect the dynamic nature of the holiday.Addressing the challenges of 2020, Handy-Kendi emphasizes the importance of love as a spiritual link connecting tolerance with compassion. Black Love Day serves as a platform to foster unity, resilience, and hope, reinforcing the significance of Black lives and promoting unity in diversity. Handy-Kendi says, “On Feb. 13, come together to breathe in love, reconcile, and bond around solutions to become whole, powerful people again by healing all our relationships.” Black Love Day is a spiritual journey towards healing, unity, and celebrating love in its purest form.

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Rtr. Balakrishnan Suhashini
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