International Book Giving Day.


In today’s digitalized world, some people still find pleasure in reading physical books. While book collecting stands out as a beloved hobby for book lovers, some avid readers might not have access to books. “International Book Giving Day” serves as a beautiful reminder to donate and share the books with others- especially children who have limited access to books.“International Book Giving Day” is annually celebrated on the 14th of February, which is a global initiative to encourage people to spread the joy of reading by giving books to others. This celebration was first begun in 2012 by a group of book enthusiasts after identifying the children’s need for books. This initiative is a voluntary effort aiming to increase the children’s access to books and spread the love for reading in them. “International Book Giving Day” is all about handing over books to children in need, they could be either new or pre-loved.How to celebrate International Book Giving Day?

1. Gift a book – The main idea of celebrating this day is by giving a book. So, people are encouraged to gift a book to their friend, child, or even to a stranger. Additionally, you can also try reading a book. While reading, it would create a stronger emotional bond between the reader and the listener. When children are encouraged to read and listen, it would improve their vocabulary skills and critical thinking skills.

2. Donate books – On this occasion, gather some old books that you are willing to donate or collect some books from your friends and families and donate them to local libraries, schools, or charity homes. Donating books to prison is also the best way to celebrate this special day. This would assist the prisoners to gain knowledge and aid in their rehabilitation upon release.

3. Post on social media – Sharing your experience of donating books to children will not only spread awareness but also it will inspire people to be a part of this initiative. This will show people how the simple act of giving a book can have a profound impact on a child’s life.

“International Book Giving Day” falls on Valentine’s Day, undoubtedly, both the celebrations are the celebration of love. This special day is dedicated to two important things – the love for books and the love for our fellow humans. This celebration is a beautiful reminder to encourage individuals to spread joy and love for reading while making it accessible to everyone in the world.

So, On February 14th, Gather the books, donate them, and join the celebration.

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