Center Stage – ADRR. Rtr. PP Nazmi Mohamood


Next up on Center Stage 2023 Edition is yet another incredible Rotaract personality who never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face with his delightful sense of humor. Joining us on the 3rd episode of the series is the Assistant District Rotaract Representative PP Rtr. Nazmi Mahamood. Known for his knack for sharing hilarious memes, Nazmi spreads joy wherever he goes. Tune in to catch Nazmi’s witty and brilliant insights in his engaging interview with Rtr. Mekhala

Here are a few more questions we asked him, and his thoughtful answers to them:

Define Rotaract according to you.

Rotaract for me was life-changing. It actually helped me to be where I am. It helped me to grow as an individual, in my carrier, my network, and everything, even my skills. So, Rotaract is a platform to grow as a person no matter what field you are in or what carrier path you are in, its always a catalyst to your life

How does Rotaract shapes a person in life?

Rotaract shapes individuals in different ways. It depends also on why people join Rotaract and what they want out of Rotaract. A lot of people join in to make friends and to grow their network. Some join in maybe to develop or groom their skills that they already have or learn new skills. As a person, I think Rotaract is anyway a professional movement. So it is quite ideal to join a professional movement to actually groom all these skills.

Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the CENTER STAGE next!

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