Center Stage – Rtr. IPP Himaza Hilmy


Step into the enchanting world of Rtr. IPP Himaza Hilmy, as we embark on an extraordinary journey through the captivating realm of Rotaract. From her ingenious excuse of frequenting the RI library to attending Rotaract events to her meticulous event preparations, where worries about hair, outfits, and heels take precedence, Himaza’s vibrant spirit shines through. Unveiling her aspiration to become an influencer and her unique definition of “no makeup,” we witness her unwavering commitment to self-expression. Yet, amidst the laughter, we discover the profound impact Rotaract holds in Himaza’s heart, forging lifelong friendships and offering transformative experiences. Join us as we peel back the layers of Himaza Hilmy’s fascinating journey, a testament to the passion, growth, and the enduring power of Rotaract as she share it with Rtr. Amaan Thaha.

Here are a few more questions we asked her, and her thoughtful answers to them:

Name a Rotaract or Rotary personality that you always look up to and the reason for that.

This is a hard question because this movement produces so many extraordinary individuals. But I would say it’s Bala, also known as Krishan Balaji. Because when I joined Rotaract for the first time as a member, I joined one of his orientation programs at uni, and all what he said and his laugh is so contagious. I think every great thing he did in the movement and still, he continues to do so and inspire people. So I would say I look up to him and no offense to anyone else I mean they’re all great in their own way but I look up to him as a person.

What did Rotaract change in you?

In me? Well, a lot of things. If you put your mind to something, you can definitely do it. It’s possible. And also as a person, it made me calmer and control my temper issue, I would say, and also learn to deal with people, different kinds of people, because back then I wasn’t that exposed to it. But now, you know how to deal with someone no matter how he or she is. And also not to take things too seriously. I’m still working on it. But yeah, not to take things too seriously and let it go. I mean, it’s alright. I think if it doesn’t matter in five years, you shouldn’t spend at least five minutes worrying about it. I strive to live by that and hopefully, I’ll get there.

Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the CENTER STAGE next!

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