Dear Diary Day


Where are the torrid fantasies?
“Look through my diary and figure me out” she whispered.

In diaries dear, our thoughts penned,
A canvas pure for hearts to share.

On September 22nd each year, we celebrate the way diaries help us document our lives. “Dear Diary Day”
is not widely recognized but is dedicated to the practice of keeping a diary or a journal. On this day
people reflect on the importance of recording their thoughts, experiences, and memories in a diary. They
serve as a reminder of ways long forgotten, words no longer used or attitudes that were once acceptable.A diary’s pages, a silent confidant,
Through joys and tears, we find release,
The diary’s canvas, blank and pure,
A treasure trove of memories, yours to drape.As Mae West’s astutely observed, ‘Keep a diary and someday it’ll keep you.’ This timeless insight
highlights the profound value of journalizing where acts of today can enrich our lives tomorrow. This is
not just a quote but a tone for discussing the significance of keeping a diary.

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Rtr. Mandini Gabadage
(Co-Editor 2023-24)

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Hana Rameez

Beautifully penned❤️