Desi Raat 3.0


Project “ Desi Raat 2022 ” took place on the 17th of December 2022 at Opulent River Face Hotel.
“Desi Raat” is a Bollywood night filled with exciting games, dancing, singing, and many more. The event was organized by the Club Service avenue of RACUOCFMF for the 3rd consecutive time with the aim of celebrating exploring different cultures and embracing their diversity.

Desi Raat 2022” ව්‍යාපෘතිය 2022 දෙසැම්බර් මස 17 වන දින Opulent River Face හෝටලයේදී පැවැත්විණි. “Desi Raat” යනු ආකර්ෂණීය ක්‍රීඩා, නැටුම්, ගායනය සහ තවත් බොහෝ දේවලින් පිරුණු බොලිවුඩ් රාත්‍රියකි. විවිධ සංස්කෘතීන් ගවේෂණය කිරීම සහ ඒවායේ විවිධත්වය පිලිබිඹු කිරීමේ අරමුණින් අඛණ්ඩව 3 වැනි වරටත් RACUOCFMF හි සමාජ සේවා අංශය විසින් මෙම උත්සවය සංවිධානය කරන ලදී.

Desi raat 2022” திட்டமானது டிசம்பர் 17, 2022 அன்று, ஓபுலண்ட் ரிவர் ஃபேஸ் ஹோட்டலில் நடைபெற்றது. “தேசி ராத்” என்பது உற்சாகமான விளையாட்டுகள், நடனம், பாடல் மற்றும் பலவற்றைக் கொண்ட ஓர் பாலிவுட் இரவாகும். RACUOCFMF இன் கிளப் சர்வீஸ் அவென்யூவினால் தொடர்ந்து 3 வது முறையாக,பல்வேறு கலாச்சாரங்களை ஆராய்வது மற்றும் அவற்றின் பன்முகத்தன்மையை அரவணைக்கும் நோக்கத்துடன் இந்த நிகழ்வு ஏற்பாடு செய்யப்பட்டது.

The aim of this project was to Explore and celebrate the Indian culture ,to get an understanding of how people across the country perceive the Indian culture, To make a strong cultural bond, An opportunity for event participants to experience a night tuned to the rhythm of Bollywood music which was open to all Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotarians and the general public.

We started our decorations two months prior to the function. Making decorations for Desi Raat was not an easy task for all of us, although teamwork made it easier than we thought. This wouldn’t have been a glamorous event if not for our very own co-directors, co-chairs, and committee who provided exceptional support. Hats off to everyone for putting in their maximum effort to create a great night filled with lots of memories to cherish.

Next if we move on to the paper dance, it was a super fun game and we experienced how everyone enjoyed it a lot. Some boys and girls were saddened because they couldn’t find or didn’t have a partner to do dance with but some of them really enjoyed the moment.

One of the best parts of the night was the outfits. All the boys and girls were dressed well in desi outfits, and they looked super stunning in them the Bollywood vibe made the night even better. The attendees were also given the chance to take pictures through a photo booth with their poses and shades on.

The glamourous event kicked off with an amazing dance, performed by the very own organizing committee, raised everyone’s excitement about the night. Next in line was a game to entertain all participants. The committee invited everyone to head towards the dancing floor to be paired up with another person in order to commence the game ‘paper dance’. After the paper dance the buffet was opened to have dinner. And some were on the dance floor moving their body to the rhythm of the beat.

Written By:-





Rtr. Thesanya Michelle Ketagoda
(General Member – 2022-23)





Rtr. Gayathri Ayendra Jayasundera
(General Member – 2022-23)


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Piravena Paheerathan

Whaaaat a night it was! Colourful indeed! 💛✨