Editorial Members of the Month – April 2024


Rtr. Pramodya Dabare and Rtr. Tusheni Perera has been deservedly recognized as the Editorial Members of the Month for April, showcasing their remarkable talents and dedication. Together, they designed and managed the PR for the inspiring Project Hero in You, an initiative of the Community Service Avenue. Pramodya is known for her kind heart and unwavering readiness to help at any time. She consistently strives for perfection in her work, demonstrating an exceptional level of commitment.Tusheni, on the other hand, is a gifted designer and a masterful caption writer, particularly noted for her Sinhala captions in our signature project Hadee Veena. She excels in meeting deadlines and is deeply dedicated to her responsibilities, always delivering her best. Both Pramodya and Tusheni embody the spirit of dedication and creativity. We wish them both a bright and successful future, confident that they will continue to inspire and achieve great things.

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Rtr. Ajini Onethra
(Co-Director of Digital Communications 2023-24)

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