Rotaractors of the Quarter: January – March 2024

Cheers to the driving force behind RACUOCFMF’s success! Let’s applaud Rtr. Lochana Perera, Rtr. Shenya Chandrasiri, Rtr. Shaakya Bandara & Rtr. Roshel Silva, the Rotaractors for the Quarter from January to March for their unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions, making positive waves in our communities!

Rtr. Lochana Perera
Let’s turn our attention to Rtr. Lochana Perera, the co-chair of the impactful project ‘My ABC’s’! Through his unwavering dedication, he bestowed the invaluable gift of English education upon low-educated school students across multiple provinces. Lochana’s passion and relentless efforts have undeniably illuminated the path to knowledge for many!Rtr. Shenya Chandrasiri
Let’s give a huge round of applause for Rtr. Shenya Chandrasiri, the co-chair of the project ‘My ABC’s. Her exceptional leadership skills ensured that every aspect of the project ran seamlessly, from planning to execution. Thanks to her unwavering dedication and outstanding management abilities, the project brought joy and knowledge to countless faces, leaving a lasting impact on all involved. Shenya’s remarkable contributions truly made a difference in the lives of those she reached through her tireless efforts! Not only were her contributions towards the International Service Avenue her presence in helping the FMF blog in various projects also needs to be appreciated. From hosting Rtr. IPP Gajaba Senaratne in one of the Blog’s most Significant Projects Center Stage to being the lead designer in the Club’s Quarter RoundUp Newsletter she has showcased her Wide range of skills. Rtr. Shenya was also a prominent figure in making sure The Brunching Series and Wander Spotlight of Project Benchmark were presented in a manner that made sure the audience was engaged. She Presented three videos for The Brunching Series and also narrated the inaugural episode of Wander Spotlight at the Wellabada Turtle Hatchery.Rtr. Shaakya Bandara
Let’s talk about Rtr. Shaakya Bandara, co-chair of the project Warna has been an outstanding leader. He’s good at guiding his team and making sure everything runs smoothly. His hard work, smart planning, and ability to motivate others have made a big difference in the project’s success. He’s always aiming for the best, which shows how great a leader he is in our club.

Rtr. Roshel Silva
Let’s give a big shoutout to Rtr. Roshel Silva, co-chair of the project Warna. Her incredible fundraising efforts, alongside her team, played a major role in making the project a success. Roshel’s exceptional organizational skills ensured a seamless execution without any bumps along the way. Her dedication and hard work were instrumental in making the project a resounding success, touching the lives of everyone involved. A big thank you to Roshel for her outstanding contribution.

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Rtr. Kaveesha Dodanthenna
(Co-Director of Membership Development 2023-24)

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