Editorial Member Of The Month (February- 2022-23)- Rtr. Yathmi


Yathmi is a skilled and reliable writer who is known for her promptness and ability to deliver quality work on time. She also appears to be responsive and willing to help with captions, even on short notice. Her writing abilities are highly regarded and she is able to deliver excellent results. It’s always great to have a dependable and talented colleague person in our team. She has accomplished writing captions for variety of projects such as LinkedIn, Boomtown, Target, Vanajiviyo, and much more. A smart girl who maintain a positive outlook and a friendly attitude with a beautiful smile, and never disappoint at entertaining our team for free.

We at RACUOCFMF are proud of making and having such a person like Rtr. Yathmi and would congratulate her on being recognized as the Editorial Member of the month of February!

Written By:-





Rtr. Alysha Shabana
(Co – Director Digital Communications 2022-23)





Rtr. Thiwanka Katangodage
(Co – Director Digital Communications 2022-23)

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