“Freedom changes the world”- Rtr. Isuri Weeraman

The following is an article submitted by our club member Rtr. Isuri Weerman for the Freedom Express Bulletin that is published by the Rotaract Club of Bangalore Kalyan. “Freedom Express” is an award winning initiative by the Rotaract Club of Bangalore Kalyan and is aimed at celebrating the diverse vernacular of the world. The Freedom Express was a grand success last year and our club is proud to have been a part of Freedom Express since last year. 

changes the world”
In the present competitive environment, freedom is a main question. But freedom is the only solution as well. Freedom is the control of mind, not letting it wander as it is. To be free is to gain the power of yourself rather than being a prisoner of yourself. Freedom provides the opportunity to be you, to do what you like and whenever you like it without anyone’s permission.
True freedom cannot be given. But rather has to be achieved by hard work. Freedom is fueled by courage and confidence. Freedom is to let go rather than to hold on. The feeling of freedom will give you the wings to fly and paint the sky in your own way, to refresh beautiful dreams and to have a new beginning. 
Freedom is different from one person to another. One should be careful not to interrupt others’ freedom, as freedom is a right that everybody should have. Freedom removes rules, eradicates fear, takes away the doubts and sets the mind free. Freedom reveals the truth, washes away the lies and makes the world a better place. Freedom can shine in the deepest level of darkness and give life to the mind. 
Freedom is a path, not a destination. Freedom keeps lives going. Freedom aids in gaining knowledge, generating innovations, making fashions and improves the lives. Simply, freedom changes the world. 
Believe in yourself. Take the risk to be free. And let’s change the world. 

Written by-

Rtr. Isuri Weeraman
Club Member

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