“My Vision of Freedom”- Rtr. Hiruni Perera


The following is an article submitted by our club member Rtr. Hiruni Perera for the Freedom Express Bulletin that is published by the Rotaract Club of Bangalore Kalyan. “Freedom Express” is an award winning initiative by the Rotaract Club of Bangalore Kalyan and is aimed at celebrating the diverse vernacular of the world. The Freedom Express was a grand success last year and our club is proud to have been a part of Freedom Express since last year. 

“My Vision of Freedom”

Presently freedom has become a term that is used rather loosely. But, if we were asked the universally accepted definition of freedom, more often than not, we would find ourselves at a loss for words.  What is the enigma created around this word which appears to be quiet simple?
Is freedom felt physically? Is it an emotional state of mind? Or is it a mere political right. 
I believe the answer to these questions lie within each one of us. What freedom means to me may differ from what it means to another person.  Wherefore, freedom cannot be put into a simple definition.

Freedom to me is an emotion, a state of mind and more importantly a choice. Choice is the right to choose and to make decisions. Choice is power.
With power comes responsibility, resented by many and embraced by some.
Once, a wise man said that for to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Freedom is respectful. Hence, freedom is not making whichever choice we want, but, freedom is being able to make choices in a manner that does not harm another’s freedom. 

Freedom to me is being able to be free to make mistakes and learn from my mistakes.  Freedom to me is being myself without anyone’s permission. 

Freedom should not be taken for granted by any, freedom is a gift of life that has to be valued and cherished. 

Written by-

Rtr. Hiruni Perera
Co-Director – Community Service 2015/16





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