Honoured and Sealed – Most Outstanding Professional Development Initiatives – Training and Skills Development


Personality development is a primary goal of Rotaract and they use Professional Development as a major source to accomplish that goal. Therefore the below 3 projects were implemented by our fellow Rotaractors to build future leaders with the right attitudes and skills, under the category of “Most Outstanding Professional Development Initiatives – Training and Skills Development” which were awarded at the 32nd Rotaract District Training Assembly.

පෞරුෂ සංවර්ධනය රොටරැක්ට් හි මූලික ඉලක්කයක් වන අතර එහිදී ඔවුන් එම ඉලක්කය සපුරා ගැනීම සඳහා ප්‍රධාන මූලාශ්‍රයක් ලෙස වෘත්තීය සංවර්ධනය භාවිතා කරයි. එබැවින් 32 වන දිස්ත්‍රික් රොටරැක්ට් සමුළුවේදී ප්‍රදානය කරන ලද “වඩාත් විශිෂ්ටතම වෘත්තීය සංවර්ධන මුලපිරීම්-පුහුණුව සහ නිපුණතා සංවර්ධනය” යන කාණ්ඩය යටතේ නිවැරදි ආකල්ප සහ කුසලතා ඇති අනාගත නායකයින් ගොඩනැගීම සඳහා පහත ව්‍යාපෘති 3 රොටරැක්ට් විසින් ක්‍රියාත්මක කරන ලදී.

ஆளுமை மேம்பாடு என்பது ரோட்ராக்டின் முதன்மையான குறிக்கோளாகும், அங்கு அவர்கள் அந்த இலக்கை அடைய தொழில்முறை வளர்ச்சியை ஒரு முக்கிய ஆதாரமாக பயன்படுத்துகின்றனர். அவ்வகையில், 32வது மாவட்ட ரோட்ராக்ட் பேரவையில் வழங்கப்பட்ட “மிகச் சிறந்த தொழில்சார் மேம்பாட்டு முயற்சிகள்- பயிற்சி மற்றும் திறன் மேம்பாடு” என்ற பிரிவின் கீழ், சரியான அணுகுமுறைகள் மற்றும் திறன்களைக் கொண்ட எதிர்காலத் தலைவர்களை உருவாக்க, கீழேயுள்ள 3 திட்டங்கள் ரோட்ராக்ட் மூலம் செயல்படுத்தப்பட்டு விருதளிக்கப்பட்டன.
Gold – Jumpstart –  Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School

The Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School implemented the project “Jumpstart” with the intention of empowering entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka. It was initiated by embracing the theme “unfold, implement and revolutionize”. It comprised two stages namely,

1. Pitch it, Win it
2. Shark tank

Firstly, an introduction session was held before Jumpstart commenced in order to increase awareness among potential people while educating them on the importance of entrepreneurship and its contribution to the national economy. This was another great initiative by the Rotaract club of Achievers Lanka Business School to upgrade the standard of living of the society while contributing to uplifting the national economy as well.

Silver – Onscreen’21 – Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology

Onscreen’21 was a filmmaking competition that was proudly presented by the  Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology. It was exclusively for those who were interested in the filmmaking industry where it gave the opportunity to work with popular and talented filmmakers, colorists, and content creators in Sri Lanka. This colorful event was a great opportunity for the people who are interested and dedicated to the film industry, which gave a solid knowledge about the industry in terms of content in order to become successful within the field.

Bronze – Data Storm – Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa and Rotaract club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Science.

Data storm 3.0 was an advanced analytics competition organized by the Professional Development Avenue of Rotaract club of University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo, Faculty of Science, in partnership with OCTAVE, the Data and Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence of the John Keells Group. It was held for the 3rd consecutive year and was successfully conducted with nearly 300 delegates for the series of webinars and competitions.

The final five stars of this competition were Binary Trio, Data Dreamers, Team Pan, Team Ares, and Decision Makers over its journey of nearly two and half months. Breaking the traditional approach of a data analytics competition while catering to contestants with the opportunity to interact with the professionals of the industry is the major specialty of this event. Moreover, Data storm 3.0 allowed its participants to identify the way to deal with a particularly given scenario creatively through feasible solutions rather than the usual way of understanding links and patterns between the data presented.

Even though there was a pandemic, the great effort of the committee was able to ensure the flow of the project smoothly as well as successfully. The involvement of OCTAVE was a major driving force. because their support, guidance, and representation were key factors for the accomplishment of the data storm to this extent.

The journey of data storm 3.0 consisted of 6 stages namely;

1. Introductory webinar series through zoom and facebook,
2. Master class 1.0
3. Storming Round
4. Master class 2.0
5. Semifinal Round and
6. Final Round.

In this way, it can be understood the efforts of Rotaractors led to the creation of an extraordinary generation of analysts while making each and every participant, a competent individual.

Thank you to all fellow clubs and fellow Rotaractors for providing us with the details necessary for this article. Stay tuned for the fourteenth article of this novel series.

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