The INFO CENTER’ 18 is a project organized by the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo. The name of the project speaks for itself as it served as an essential information hub for sophomores at the faculty.
It was held on the 22nd of October at the FMF hall no.1 and 2 from 3.00 p.m. onwards. It marked the 2nd Professional Development Project for the Rotaract year 2018/19 and was chaired by Rtr. Yashoda Gunawardena and Rtr. Vishmi Jayasinghe. 
The aim of the project was to give a comprehensive understanding and awareness for the second-year undergraduates on the selection of departments, which is a crucial decision and a remarkable turning point in their professional career. The confusion among the students made it a necessity to organize this project and educate them about the opportunities open under each department available for specialization.
The departments include Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Management and Organizational Studies, International Business Management and Hospitality Management. Alumni employed in reputed organizations and high-performing undergraduates from each department volunteered to conduct the workshop.
The presence of a high number of sophomores was enough proof on how vital the workshop was in helping them make the right choice. Rtr. Laleshi hosted the first session by inviting representatives from each department to brief about their experiences.
They tried their best to walk on the students’ shoes and bring out the challenges they had to face, while highlighting on the importance of how one’s interest had to be play the key role in making their choice.
The second session was conducted in hall no. 2, in which a platform was provided for the students to question and clarify all department-related doubts. 
Each department had a separate section, and the students interested in the respective department engaged in a friendly and interactive session with the panel of senior students. They also received valuable career-related advice as the panel shared their firsthand experiences in the workplace.

The project concluded and was praised by everyone alike, as it proved to be very useful for the second year undergraduates, including myself.

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Written By:

Rtr. Vishmi Jayasinghe
Member (2018/19)
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