Rotaractors of the Month – February 2024


Rtr. Ushanth & Rtr. Senumee

Introducing our Rotoractors of the Month of February: Co-chairs of Project Parithyaga, Rtr. Senumee Herath and Rtr. Ushanth Jaykumar. These two primary motivators were able to turn this event into a mission of compassion for our club. It was immediately clear that they were committed, had a powerful sense of responsibility, and the project was incredibly organized. They reminded us of all, of our ability to change the world by inspiring a community to come together in kindness through their leadership. We discover that empathy can improve lives and create a more promising future. They have made an impression on everyone that they have navigated challenges, overcome obstacles, and ensured the project is conducted smoothly with their constant drive. Their generous activities, which symbolize compassion, open the way towards a society where no one is left behind.We at RACUOCFMF would like to congratulate them on being named February 2024’s Rotaractors of the Month and wish them luck in all their future endeavours!Rtr. Chethana & Rtr. Hashini

We are excited to present the deserving co-chairs of Project “Siripa Saviya 2.0” as our February Rotaractors of the Month, Rtr. Pasindu Chethana and Rtr. Hashini de Silva. To ensure the success of cleaning Adam’s Peak, these two exceptional individuals truly represented the spirit of devotion and dedication.”Siripa Saviya” is a project that focuses on the admirable objectives of cleaning up Adam’s Peak and eliminating litter from the area around it. It is a symbol of hope and environmental responsibility. With unrelenting resolve and unbounded excitement, our co-chairs have led with a love for sustainability and a commitment to building a better world. Their leadership has inspired a sense of pride and friendship among all those involved, in addition to producing noticeable improvements in Adam’s Peak’s cleanliness. Rtr. Chethana and Rtr. Hashini has inspired others with their cheerfulness and unwavering commitment to changing the world, even outside of their position as co-chairs. Their efforts have not gone unappreciated, and since Adam’s Peak is a reminder of their dedication and vision, their influence will be felt for many years to come.As the Rotaractor of the Month of February 2024, we at RACUOCFMF congratulate them and wish them the best of luck in all of their future pursuits!

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Rtr. Nethuni De Silva
(Co-Director of Membership Development 2023-24)

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