Monthly Roundup- October

The end of another successful Rotaract Month for FMF! It has indeed been a wonderful month with two massive projects in the history of the club. The highlights of the month are as follows.

“Hasareli” is the Children’s day project organized by the club which was held on the 2nd of October at the Mother Theresa’s Home in Moratuwa. With the participation of more than 25 members of the club, we were able to successfully complete the project. The sole purpose of this project was to add some value to the lives of these innocent children. We also collected some necessary items for the kids and donated them. The project was chaired by our Vice President Rtr. Shalini Wijewardana. Read more

“Glass Ice”
“Glass Ice” was the ultimate career and personality development workshop hosted by the club together with the Leo Club of Negombo Host 306 B1. The project was held on the 9th of October at the Trace – Expert City, Maradana. The main purpose of this project was to promote professionalism and leadership development among the youth. 

The event was graced by Mr. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, World Champion of Public Speaking 2014, Mr. Dulith Herath, Founder and CEO of Kapruka, Mr. Kishu Gomes, CEO/Managing Director of Chevron Lubricants Lanka Plc and Ms. Selyna Peiris, Attorney-at-Law & Consultant (Social Business/ Livelihood Development) and entrepreneur of Selyn Exports (Pvt) Ltd. We were able to successfully complete the project with over 500 participants. The project was chaired by our Professional Development Director Rtr. Dinath Federico and Vice President Rtr. Ruvindi De Silva.

Glass Ice was a mammoth success that it is recognized as one of the best Professional Development projects organized. Read more

“Sand-tastic” is the third phase of our Community Service Project “Battle of the Greens”. It was a beach cleanup organized by the club in partnership with the Interact Club of St. Peter’s College, Colombo. This project laid a platform for Rotaractors and Interactors to come together and work for a better cause. The project was held on the 17th of October at Berjaya Hotel, Colombo.

The beach cleanup was followed by an award ceremony for the winners of “Battle of the Greens” and an after party to promote fellowship among Rotaractors and Interactors. The project was chaired by our Community Service Director Rtr. Hiruni Perera, Vice President Rtr. Shalini Wijewardana, Green life Directors Rtr. Chathura Kularathne and Rtr. Kasun Mullegamgoda. Read more

Club T-shirt
During the month our club unveiled its new t-shirt designed based on our club’s new logo and the theme of the year. The designing and printing of the t-shirts were done by Creatia Promotions of our former club member Rtr. Nipun Alwis. The Project was chaired by our Finance Director Rtr. Thilini Leeniyagolla.

The club blog reached many milestones during the month, where the club published its 50th Blog post in just 94 days since launch. In addition to this the club crossed 5,000 views and has now become one of the most viewed blogs in the District. As of now the club blog has published 56 posts and has 5,700 views. 

The blog post on “Glass Ice” written by Rtr. Ranithri Samarawickrama set a new benchmark by becoming the highest viewed post on the blog, surpassing the record held by the post “Young Social Change Platforms” which was also co-written by Rtr. Ranithri. The blog now has 3 posts with 200+ views and 12 posts with 100+ views. 

Active presence on Social Media pages
The club’s social media pages continues to be active and has one of the widest coverage in all social media pages, namely, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and the Blog.

During the month the club launched its Instagram page and since then has become a key tool in promoting the club events as well as to build fellowship amongst not only the clubs in the District but also clubs from other parts of the world.

The club’s official Facebook page also crossed 1500 likes and as of now has over 1900 likes. The club has also used the Twitter page consistently since its launch last year.

The social media pages have been kept live and has been well managed thanks to our PR Director Rtr. Kalana Madusanka and Editor Rtr. Ruzni Faik.


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