Hi there! I’m Oshadi, the Secretary-Elect of RACUOCFMF.

Since we’ve got no vehicle to go let’s get walking, and it will take around 39 minutes if we are to walk! You will pass through two destinations that you need to pick up some equipment from.

If you start walking towards the FOM after taking a left turn from the FMF main gate, you will pass by this place. This is somewhere we all go to, most of the time our parents go to! This has shelves, but not full of books! This has food, but not all are cooked! It’s cold inside, but not an igloo! Keep Laughing : ) Do you know where this is?

After passing by the above-mentioned place, you will have to take a left turn and go straight. If you are on the right route, you will pass by the second place that you need to figure out. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of the place. But if you know this movie, you got the answer! Keep going!

And now it’s time to hurry up and head over to the entrance of the Medical Faculty and meet your team there!!

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