SL2College Voices 2015

Voices, the signature conference of SL2College, is designed to inspire the Sri Lankan youth to reach their full potential in education, pursue their passion while providing guidance regarding career prospects and higher educational opportunities to create a dynamic and a more successful future generation for Sri Lanka.

The Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management & Finance partnered with SL2College this year too to support the organizing committee in making this event a success. Our Professional Development Director Rtr. Dinath Federico chaired the project on behalf of our club.

Though the morning sky was not in favour of us on the 19th of September, this did not stop the inflow of participants for the conference. The proceedings for the day were inaugurated with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp by the special invitees and dignitaries of the event.

Mr. Shafraz Rahim delivering the Welcome Address

The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Shafraz Rahim, the Project Chairperson of Voices 2015, where he introduced Voices 2015 and SL2College along with its main objectives. 

Every dream has its own twists and turns to its story. SL2College too was one such dream that has now become a successful reality. Mr. Rashmika Navaratne, the CEO of SL2College, took the stage on talking about the journey so far. It was evident that what started off as a small voluntary institution has now grown to be one that caters to a vast majority of the youth of Sri Lanka in guiding and motivating the youngsters in continuing their higher education while providing career goals and counselling.

Mr. Rashmika Navaratne – CEO of SL2College

The first speaker for the program was Mr. Thareendra Kalpage who is an Enterprise Account Manager at Microsoft. His speech was definitely an eye opener to all of us in understanding the world we live in. He stressed on the importance of continuously learning, on being creative and standing out from the rest. Mr. Kalpage also stated about not stopping from just one innovation.  With the ever changing world and its advancements in communication and technology, he emphasized on the vital importance of being unique in whatever task you take up. 

Mr. Thareendra Kalpage (Source:

Ms. Udara Dikkumbura was up next in the panel of speaker. She spoke about the Sri Lankan education landscape and on finding education opportunities within Sri Lankan context itself. We have been blessed with an abundant amount of resources with regard to educational facilities and thus she pointed out on the importance of grabbing such opportunities thrown our way.

Once the session resumed after the interval, Mr. Rushdi Hadhi, Administration Director of Research & Development Team of SL2College, took over in introducing the revolutionary “MyFurture” App!  This very innovative and creative program enables post A/L students to enter their A/L results online and obtain information about the possible courses and universities that offer degrees suitable to such individuals based on their eligibility. 

Mr. Rushdi Hadhi demonstrating the MyFuture app at Voices 2015

This definitely helps in releasing much of the stress and tension that many of us go through during this phase of selecting universities and degree programs! A live demonstration was carried out by the team with the help of a volunteer from the audience who offered to share her results.

Mr. Thilak Dissanayake

Next up was the discussion by Mr. Tilak Dissanayake, Founder of Ant Global, who spoke about his experiences as an engineer. He too stressed on playing your cards right when provided with an opportunity. It was a very lively and interesting speech which was delivered by him with real life examples to help the audience relate to his subject matter.

The participants of Voices 2015 (Source:

An entertainment item followed thereafter to ease the mood of the viewers which was performed by Ms. Buddhi Withanage from the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.

“What got you here, won’t get you there” topic discussed by Ms. Subashinie Abeysinghe, a Senior Economic Analyst at Verite Research, also summarized and added on to the pointers discussed thus far by the other speakers on the importance of continuously developing and reaching out to your utmost potential.

Ms. Subashinie Abeysinghe (Source:

Mr. Priyantha Fernando, Training Officer from National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) spoke about the facilities offered at institutes such as NAITA and invited the students to take up degrees and other professional qualifications offered at such institutes.

The 10th Anniversary cake

Voices 2015 did not miss out the opportunity to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of SL2College, where an anniversary cake was cut by the board members to celebrate this milestone. 

The proceedings for the day ended with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Mr. Thilina Viraj, the Project Lead of Voices 2015, followed by the counselling and information session which were carried out in the UCSC halls for any participant who wished to gain any personal advice and guidance.

Counselling Session at Voices 2015 (Source:

Voices 2015 has been an annual event that has been successfully carried out in the past and our heartiest wishes to the team at SL2College to continue events of this nature which definitely adds value to many youngsters of our generation. Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management & Finance will always be there for your team if ever you need any support with your future endeavours!

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photo Rtr. Ruvindi De Silva
Vice President 2015/16 



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