SLAMM – The Great Escape


And one day began a new situation where everyone was frozen in their own timelines. Yet, time went on but all of us were stuck in our lives. Just like a pause button. Every day was the same but the world beyond our walls of the home was facing much more. A disease that spread without control and the remedy was in the hands of the professor but then the professor was in danger! The fate of the future lied upon our friends, to go through different worlds and find the ingredients and get the answer for the big question that was shaking the world. The teams began their quest to achieve their destination of fulfilling the dream of everyone. Throughout the journey, while walking through each world they faced so many challenges and tasks. Everything seemed solved until the hidden reality suddenly outburst. Wait, what? You heard me right. This is just the beginning.

SLAMM is an annual fun-filled event organized by the five Rotaract Clubs of the University of Colombo namely, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Management and Finance, and Faculty of Medicine with the intention of creating and strengthening the bond among Rotaractors of UOC. This year, The Great Escape was organized on a completely virtual platform due to the prevailing situation in the country. The mysterious journey has begun by allocating all participants into groups and every group consists of a member from each club.

The ingredients were secured and so was the professor. Everything was resolved and it was only a matter of time to return to ‘normal’. But the scary reality was hidden and the outburst was so sudden. The virus was uncontrollable by the time our heroes realized what had happened. It was too late; the virus had spread to an uncontrollable extent. But it’s never too late to save the world! And whoever tries hard definitely gets the answer at the end. Our Teams began the quest to find what can be done in this tragic situation. The adventure didn’t end it just began!

The very first task as the ice breaker of the event was indeed a great start to a heroic journey. They had to take a snapshot of their superhero selves and upload it, and once this was done they were eligible for the great escape along with their ticket to continue the adventure. And our heroes looked awesome with their creative outfits! And believe me, you can’t take your eyes off of our Proud FMFers with their superhero outfits;

Upon completing this fantastic task, the next challenge was ready while they were going through the Faculty of Science. The teams were given axes with Jigsaw pieces and it was time for puzzle solving! That wasn’t all. The teams had to listen to audio clips which sounded confusing and guess the song that was played. After successfully solving the puzzle and the mystery audios, the adventure continued while they were going through the next stage, which was in the faculty of Law, and our heroes bravely marched forward with excitement wondering what lied ahead.

Afterward, the participants have entered the Faculty of Law and faced a hilarious game that took them to their cheerful childhood with their favorite cartoons such as Koombichchi, Giripura aththo, Garfield, Pancha, Soora pappa, and Sonic. Then they have to answer 10 questions about the five faculties to run away from the Library of the University of Colombo.

Faculty of Arts was their next destination in The Great Escape. There were four different tasks from each department of FOA namely, two jigsaw puzzles based on ancient incidents from the Department of History, a crossword puzzle from the Department of English, a quiz via QUIZIZZ from the Department of Geography, and a Guess who game from the Department of Political Science by only looking at the eyes of the world-famous politicians.

After another chaotic yet exhilarating challenge, we soon realized that we entered the world of numbers, to be precise the FMF. A piece of paper with burnt edges lies untouched and it says ‘Leave blanks, and you’ll never get out. Fill it all and you’ll find your way out’. From Stay Home Stay Safe to a scenic voyage destination the crossword puzzle got you all covered.

The greatest of escapes were never managed alone so came the next challenge and guess who is there to guide us. It’s none other than the so-called ‘Mysterious Trio’. Little Lion Rtr. Shehani Leo, she might be small in size but big by heart and Rtr. Aloka infamously known as Laddu by far one of the creative minds FMF have ever witnessed followed by the Mama Bear of RACUOCFMF Rtr. Oshadi. FMFers so delighted to see these lovely faces but time is ticking so the challenge comes up, and the reaction says it all:

The mammoth task the mysterious Trio has undertaken is to guide us all to find the 10 Hidden Landmarks along the three routes to collect some gear in order to reach the Faculty of Medicine which may seem to be the final destination for the cure.

Welcome to the Anatomy Room, is what our heroes face after having poured out blood, sweat, and tears throughout the thrilling journey so far to reach the faculty of medicine and yet not ready to rest but to go the extra mile because they want to rest in peace and not in pieces.

And so with excitement in the air and the sound of victory echoing so close they take part in this fun-filled game where their knowledge of organs in the human body is put to test and also finding the letters M and O being an important clue for unraveling the mystery word they breathe a sigh of relief.

Our teams competed for a better tomorrow and finally, they were nearing the end. The solution for all these was just a step ahead. But there was a PUZZLE! Everything lied on a six-letter word which had to be found by our Heroes. They traveled so far and all the hard work’s results depended on a six-letter word. ‘Find a new home but never forget your roots’ it said. They had to think hard and think quickly. It’s a simple sentence and it was echoing in the heads of the teams ‘never forget your roots!’ What could it be? We are never going to forget our roots, are we? We are Rotaractors of UOC! The final key to victory was nothing but WISDOM Enlightens! The motto of UOC, which will forever echo in our hearts.

So our victory team පැණි Hunters got the key to save the world from this disaster but wait! They have to escape with the vaccine before they were captured. They had to protect the only answer. The only way was to fly away and they did it. Finally, the team of superheroes unlocked the rocket and headed to a safe zone. The journey was tough but the adventure was a forever treasure!!


Written By :

Rtr. Afkar Saleem
(Member 2020/21)

Rtr. Thirandi Dharmawardhana
(Member 2020/21)

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