Timed-Out Controversy: Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka’s Historic Clash


In a pulsating encounter at the ICC Cricket World Cup, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh clashed in a match that will be remembered for more than just its result. The battle between these subcontinental cricket giants witnessed a historic moment as Angelo Mathews became the first player in international cricket to be dismissed for being timed out. The incident unfolded during Sri Lanka’s innings when Mathews was ruled out after taking extra time to deal with a helmet issue.

As per the ICC tournament playing conditions, a batter must be ready to face the next delivery within two minutes of the dismissal of the previous player. When Mathews encountered a problem with his helmet strap, it took him over two minutes to prepare for his innings. Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan, seizing the opportunity, appealed for a timed-out dismissal, and the umpires upheld the appeal. Mathews was left disheartened as he had to leave the crease without facing a single delivery.Despite the controversial incident, the game showcased the resilience and determination of both teams. Sri Lanka, batting first, put up a competitive total of 279 runs on the board. Charith Asalanka’s remarkable century, scoring 108 off 105 balls, was a standout performance. His aggressive approach against Bangladesh’s bowlers was a highlight, but he lacked support from his fellow batters and the late-game controversy surrounding Mathews’ dismissal put Sri Lanka on the back foot. Bangladesh’s deep batting lineup and composed approach allowed them to secure a hard-fought victory.During the post-match press conference, the contrasting viewpoints of Shakib Al Hasan and Angelo Mathews regarding the timed-out dismissal added another layer of drama to the intense encounter. Shakib, who was named the Player of the Match for his all-round performance, unapologetically defended his decision to appeal, stating, “I feel like I was at war, so I had to take a decision to make sure my team wins, so whatever I needed to do, I had to do it.” He acknowledged the potential for debate and controversy but emphasized that as long as actions are within the rules, he was willing to take those chances. When asked if he regretted appealing, Shakib remained resolute, saying, “Not at all.” In contrast, Mathews expressed his frustration, asserting that he was ready before the timer had run out and that there was still time left when his helmet strap malfunctioned. He believed that the refusal to shake hands after the match stemmed from a lack of respect for the spirit of the game. The press conference conversations reflected the fiery emotions and differing perspectives that made this match an unforgettable chapter in the cricketing rivalry between these two nations.In the end, Bangladesh secured a crucial victory, moving ahead of Sri Lanka in the World Cup standings on net run rate. The result leaves all three teams—Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Sri Lanka—competing for the remaining spots in the 2025 Champions Trophy. This thrilling encounter will be remembered as a significant chapter in the storied history of subcontinental cricket rivalries.

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Rtr. Amaan Thaha
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