Wander Spotlight – Episode 02; Paaruwa Nature Resort


Paaruwa Nature Resort, located in the Valmilla Piliyandala area, which can be reached within an hour and a half from the industrial city of Colombo, is a new decoration for nature. Bolgoda Lake, which flows around the resort, is an attractive feature that further increases the mildness here. This place got the name Paaruwa Nature Resort due to the ferry that used to connect this lake in the past.The environment connected with the Bolgoda Lake is a truly charming and isolated accommodation. The new life given to an old pit-like renovation is truly fresh inspiration. Their garden decoration and management are all done to keep the green scenery strong and ensure a sustainable environment which is a wonderful display of really good governance. They have arranged for trees to be planted around their swimming pool to provide some coolness. It is a breath of fresh air when you enjoy the coolness of the sun, the gentle breeze, and the group of swaying trees together. Summer huts are also perfectly positioned making it a wonderful place to enjoy the solitude while enjoying the company of others.Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as desserts, bites, and beverages, the buffet and its lovely presentation were glorious. They are rich in friendly and hospitable receptions. The treat they gave us that day is a perfect example of that. From serving drinks to lunch to dessert, the service provided is top-notch. Their services include accommodation with comfortable room service, weddings, meetings, and family and friend gatherings. We, who went for a day’s stay, were also able to get high mental freedom there, due to the mildness mixed with the greenery. We were able to spend hours in the pool having fun with friends, taking creative photos and videos, and getting a high level of freedom for stressed minds.Their resort has five main selling points that they highlight, their guest rooms, their swimming pools, their summer huts, and epic naturalistic scenery besides the lake, their banquet hall, and their restaurant (Buffets are available on weekends or when the group exceeds 30 heads). They also provide a room for their day out package for an additional charge of Rs. 6500 which is very affordable in this day and age. To conclude, it was an amazing experience to visit there and enjoy nature in a secluded place with a beauty beyond words.    

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