Featuring on the 6th episode of Center Stage 2022 Edition is none other than The Joint Director for Club Service in the Rotaract District Steering Committee, Rtr. PP Nabil Shafaz. Curious to find out what a great singer he is? Wait no more, watch the full interview he had with Rtr. Thinali Rathnayake.

Here are some of the thoughtful answers of him.

What is an area that you believe young Rotaractors should focus on which has not been focused yet, in the community?

I think there’s a particular lack in the Rotaract community where people don’t step forward as much as it is needed. They should become themselves for themselves. It’s an opportunity for them to develop themselves. I would like to encourage all of you to just be yourself, come forward, speak whatever you want, be that person who you want to become. Because this is an opportunity, no one is going to judge you. If people are judging you, who gives a damn. So yeah. 

How do you think being a Rotaractor can aid in one’s career path?

From the perspective of professional development, it has a lot of opportunities. People do see it in different ways but many don’t seize those opportunities. It’s right in front of your eyes, but there’s something blocking them from not going for it.  There are a lot of opportunities to build their career path. For example, I started my business because of Rotaract and I started my first job because of Rotaract and because of the people that I met from Rotaract. I’m so grateful for that and I’m glad for what I have achieved through the opportunities that I gained because of Rotaract.

Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the CENTER STAGE next!

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