The Verdict

Now whilst the heavens bleed through open wounds –
The piercing light of the stars so splendid,
The verdict of a lifelong hearing will
Unfold her petals, as this Odyssey will be ended

Winds of freedom breathe against my body,
At the edge of the parapet my toes are relieved.
The East River spreading her arms open wide,
Is craving to embrace me, I believed. 

Ruthless treats and utter isolation — there’s nobody
Alive to call me their own; I suffered.
Long gone Mama and long gone my life’s worth,
Thus how dare you to call me a coward? 

My turn turned up; not a living soul mourning for me.
‘Here I come to you, Mama’, I take my final leap,
Driving through air, feeling the aura of death.
Splashed the waters and pulled me deep. 

With no guilt of crime.
Suffocated. Darkness


Written By:

Kavindu Perera
(10th Place – Creative Content)

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