Celebrations never end here at our colony, because FMF Blog never stops!

Being at the peak, that too from the scratch is a different kind of excitement and there’s no doubt that the FMF bloggers experience the true essence of it in each and every milestone passed. The most recent party moment was the 1.1 Million view achievement. As a matter of fact, this ain’t a success of mere writers but with immense pleasure we do call upon our beloved audience or readers to join us in this spotlight while our succession is applauded as if not for every single click this would not turn into reality.

This one click of yours isn’t just another tap on your screen, but it is an appreciation for hours of hard work spent in penning all those wonderful thoughts and colorful graphics completing the visual the writer wants to paint for the reader, It’s a feeling that calls for an unexpressive emotion to look at a group of words we weave to create a magnificent story on a screen, It’s a creation of our own satisfaction of pulling ourselves out on the schedules to make our readers feel a little happier and a little better.

Well, it may sound like to you that blogging isn’t about numbers, but for a team obsessed with creating the best and making ourselves better every day, it’s already a huge stepping-stone for us at FMF blog. We could call it a life achievement to be able to express our opinions and have our voices heard by the rest of the world. We try to make FMF blog the blog for everyone, with so many different topics and styles. Since our team of bloggers devote their time, energy, and hearts into creating desirable content and maintaining our sites, we believe it is worth celebrating.

So, to our devoted readers who have been with us since the beginning, thank you! We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us through thick and thin.

Thank you also to the new readers who have discovered the FMF blog. Thank you for doing whatever it was that brought you here to our blog. You may not have read many of our articles yet to know much about us, but we believe that we will have a fantastic time growing together in the near future!

Thank you also to everyone out there in the world who is new to the existence of the FMF blog or any of us here at the blog. Our paths may not have crossed yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time. And when that happens, I know it will be one of the most incredible things ever.

Written By:-
Rtr. Hasara Nadee Shakya
(Co-Editor 2022-23)

Written By:-
Rtr. Zahra Zuhri
(Co-Editor 2022-23)

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