The wait is finally over! The exclusive, fun-filled, showstopping, amazing interview series, ‘CENTER STAGE’ is back with some very familiar Rotaract personalities. If the usual interviews bores you, then RACUOCFMF got you covered. Curious to find out how? Well, check out the very first episode of the 2022 edition of Center Stage featuring our Not so Bossy, Boss of them all; District Rotaract Representative Rtn. Rtr. PP Akhila Wijethunga. From being funny to being serious, make sure to watch until the end as he takes us through an interesting chat with our interviewer, Rtr. Leon Fambeck. 

Watch to discover some untold fun stories!

Here are a few more questions we asked him, and his thoughtful answers to them:

What qualities do you think are the most needed for a Rotaractor?
There are a few qualities a Rotaractor should have as a leader. One of the most important things is that we definitely need to have empathy to make a change in someone’s life. Also truthfulness, honesty, and the ability to work with people. Because you need to make sure that every Rotaractor is motivated, empowered, and encouraged to do activities. Other than the qualities I’ve mentioned above, depending on the context, you might need a little bit of this and that at all times.

What were your biggest challenges as a Rotaractor? And how did you overcome them?
Throughout my Rotaract journey, I think this is the most challenging year I have faced. Well, It started off with covid, we had a virtual assembly…and then lockdown, travel restrictions, fuel crisis, no gas, no electricity, exchange rates increasing; all these situations affect Rotaract activities and our mentality. But, there’s this something that one of my mentors told me. That is, If you think your life is difficult right now, wait till it’s tomorrow. Right? Because what we would expect is tomorrow to be better. We go through so many struggles and troubles and all of that, and we go to sleep thinking “Oh my god, all this will be done when you wake up tomorrow”…Tomorrow you will be waking up to a new challenge. And probably would be something that you have never experienced in your life, and you have to figure out your own solution, with or without someone else’s help That’s how Rocky also says it..”It’s not about how much you get hit, it’s about how much you get hit and keep moving forward”. So, as Rotaractors, we are supposed to be motivating, guiding, and leading others. This is the most challenging yet most interesting year. Most of the things we’ve planned successfully completed, maybe not in the exact way we planned. We need to be very agile and plan. This is a wonderful year that we’ve been able to put these into practice and learn from a practical perspective. So I think there’s quite a lot of learnings from the different challenges that came up, managing people, to all of it. Interesting year.

Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the CENTER STAGE next!

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