Glass Ice 4.0

Glass Ice 4.0, an evening full of an extensive wealth of knowledge was successfully held on the 22nd March 2019, at the auditorium of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. With three of the best professionals representing three diverse industries in the country, event delegates amounting to above 150 and successfully completing the finals of the business case study competition, one could say they truly witnessed an inspiring and motivating evening.

Glass Ice 4.0 was organized for the fourth consecutive time since the year 2015. The drive behind the Glass Ice series, is to create a platform to influence, encourage and motivate young individuals, who aspire to achieve higher goals in life. Glass Ice enables its delegates to do so, through learning and understanding the stories and hardships of those who have already achieved unimaginable heights, the speakers.

The speakers for Glass Ice 4.0 was sensibly selected in order to fulfill the motives of the event. The intention of the organizers was to provide valuable knowledge to the audience through speeches of
successful personas representing a variety of industries, enhancing the fact that success is not limited to conventional professions. 

Thus, the Motorsport idol who brought glory and honor to our motherland, Mr. Dilantha Malagamuwa, the first Sri Lankan to cycle the Himalayan range, Businessman Mr. Yasas Hewage, and an internationally recognized humanitarian leader, Group Director of the Capital Maharaja organization, Mr. Chevaan Daniel were invited to speak at the event. 

Each of these established speakers shared their life stories with the audience, highlighting events and decisions which shaped them to
become who they are today. They expressed to the audience the importance of self-confidence, will power, work-life balance and personality enhancement in order to achieve ones goals and become an empowering professional.

Our keynote speaker, Mr. Dilantha Malagamuwa spoke about the hardships he had to face in order to realize his dream of becoming a champion racer, throughout which, his only motivation was to bring glory to his Motherland. He highlighted on how important it is to be self-motivated and determined to achieve one’s goals. 
Believing yourself, accepting challenges and trusting your abilities, regardless of what anyone else says, is the key to success is what Mr. Yasas Hewage emphasized in his insightful speech.

Mr. Chevaan Daniel expressed to the audience on the importance of serving the country, on how the youth must learn to value the caliber of resources available in Sri Lanka, and how these resources should be utilized in order to stand as one nation that dreams and achieves the most wanted success that serves all equally.

Glass Ice 4.0 had a twist this year with the introduction of the business case study competition for the very first time in Glass Ice history. The competition, which expanded the platform to young, capable and competitive individuals to showcase their creativity and professional skills, was conducted in two phases. 

The first was the submission of the case study report in line with the business case provided, for which 14 submissions were received from students representing various state Universities and other educational institutes. The best four submissions were then selected for the second phase, by a professional panel of

It was held during Glass Ice 4.0, in which the finalists got the exceptional opportunity to pitch their business idea in a creative manner, followed by a question and answer session conducted by the panel of Judges, which were witnessed by the delegates of the event. Team “Gravity” representing the University of Moratuwa became the champions of the competition, while team “Fortitude” representing the Wisdom Business Academy and team “The Twains” representing the University of Sri Jayawardenapura and Strategy Collage of Business and Marketing, became the first and second runner-ups respectively.

It is with great pleasure we announce that all the proceeds and profits of Glass Ice 4.0, organized by the Professional Development avenue of the Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo, will be solely dedicated towards the project “Vasath Sarani”, under the Community Service avenue.

The successful completion of an event of this nature would have been impossible without the dedication, passion and unity of the Organizing Committee and members of the Club. It was these enthusiastic individuals’ dream to aspire others to reach and ascend up the ladder to achieve their pinnacle. It became a living reality and paved many souls the way to Aspire. Ascend. Achieve.

Written by:

Rtr. Aamina Ismail
(Member 2018/19)
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Ruzni Faik

Well written and captures the highlights of the program nicely. Thumbs up for publishing the article just few days after the event!