Roatarctor of the Quarter (3rd Quarter – 2020/21) – Enuri Edirisinghe

Rotaractor of the Quarter – Third Quarter

Rtr. Enuri Edirisinghe

Rtr. Enuri is a highly committed and very responsible individual, who has been a great pillar of strength to RACUOCFMF. She is an individual who goes out of her way to extend a supporting hand with anything and everything. From coordinating among batch mates to being an enthusiastic contributor to the club blog to being a very helpful committee member in many projects organized by the club, including being a treasure for our sustainable initiative – project “Gamwardhanaya”, Rtr. Enuri has showcased her versatility in contributing towards the growth of the club in various modes. Her nature of never turning down help when asked is truly inspiring.

We are really excited to witness such a personality, with great potential, bloom under the wings of RACUOCFMF and we are certain that Rtr. Enuri will continue to give her absolute best to our club, just as she always has.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Enuri Edirisinghe!! RACUOCFMF is Proud of You!!

Rtr. Aamina Ismail
(President – 2020/21)

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