You’ll Never Know


Bound together till eternity…forever and ever and ever after…till the end of time…to the moon and back…to infinity and beyond…!?! Cue in the ‘Awwww’, ‘Aney adorable’, ‘how cute’ shrieks, the boisterous whoops, hoots and the fangirling moment with the 1000x speed hand flitterings! Like how one would fan themselves after knowingly eating a crunchy, dangerously spicy, 5 chili star awarded, super-hot chicken!
(as if opening your mouth like a sea lion, with your tongue held out as if checking the temperature at the doctor and fanning the now mushy, saliva mixed meat from the outside would miraculously make it any better! Just gulp it down would you…like how Tom, i.e. from Tom and Jerry, would gulp a bomb 💣🔥💥and then let it fume through his ears and nose, like a Sri Lankan bus polluting the streets!)

Excluding the slightly off topic, distracting but vivid imagery above… appreciating and celebrating eternal love for one another is the widely accepted, normal societal reaction to a romantic, lovey dovey gesture…to Eternal Love!
But then again, why are my palms sweating? Why are my fingers slightly shaking? Why do I feel a bile rising up my throat in worry? Why is my heart rate increasing by the second? Why are my neurons going haywire in distress? Why are my legs bouncing up and down like I’m standing on hot bricks? Why are my lips twitching in discomfort? Why are my veins being extra jumpy? Why do I feel like I’m in a zombie apocalypse? Good gracious god… why do I feel tense and on the edge over a supposedly simple concept… ‘eternal love’? Why all of this at the mere mention of those words?It all boils down to the confusion leading to a constipated loose motion about how am I to know he is the one for me? Is there a guidebook I’m unaware of? Should I follow a course because I’m utterly lost? Should I hire a professional wingman? Or will God, understanding my financial situation, send my guardian angel to help me out free of charge…or at least a free trial before the full subscription? Will I get butterflies in my stomach like all book characters do? Or is this like a treasure hunt, where I’m supposed to look for clues? Will there be a light bulb moment? Will there be an orchestra of violinists playing like they would in a bollywood movie? Or will I hear music and we’ll dive into an ever famous Indian song? Will there be bells ringing in the distance? Will he save this damsel in distress or does he need saving? Is there any possibility of us running in slow motion and finding ourselves?

What if I do come across my soulmate but dismiss him because I was too busy savoring an ice cream? Damn you ice creams and whoever invented it! Because I could’ve missed my only shot at love! Well, thank you for that! In a world of infidelity and illicit affairs, I genuinely wish I was a penguin with a mate for life…maybe penguins can sense better than us when it comes to love?! What in the good lord is happening to me!? I can’t believe I wished I was a penguin waddling across Antarctica!Well, what can I say? Love does make one ponder in eternity! But maybe that’s what makes it worth it! The ambiguity…the uncertainty…the never ending anticipation…what if eternal love is just around the corner waiting to catch you by surprise and scare the living daylights out of you! Maybe the climax of your life is just a few minutes away! Maybe your soulmate is waiting to sweep you off your feet…so do take part in Avurudu paper dancing games! Because the beauty of love lies in the unknown! You’ll never know! You’ll never know!
(P.S. those of you who feel like you know…please do engage in some social service for the greater good of humanity and enlighten me! I swear I’ll put in a good word for you to god :p)

What? Gobsmacked!? Don’t look at me like that…the topic clearly says ‘You’ll never know’ Tst…Tst…you should know better than this to go clicking on highly tempting links! Be happy that the click to this article didn’t make your eyes go blind (if you know what I mean 😏) and that you still have money in your bank account! You can thank me later! So long fellas!

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Piravena Paheerathan

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Zahra Zuhri

You never fail to spread your vibe through your words! ❤️

Sandun sanjeewa


Hasara Nadee Shakya

I’m officially a forever fan of your writings! Its just soooooooooo goooodddd!!!