The Final episode of Center Stage 2022 edition is set to wrap up this year’s series in style. Watch the 10th episode featuring, The Joint Director for Sports and Recreational Activities in the Rotaract District Steering Committee, Rtr. IPP Praneeth Madushanka where he shared many stories of his Rotaract journey so far, when he sat down for a great conversation with Rtr. Zahra Zuhri. 

Here are some of his thoughtful responses.

What is an area that you believe young Rotaractors should focus more on to serve the community better?

Yeah, so rather than doing mere charity, I believe that the Rotaractors should move on to community service. Community services should be made sustainable in the movement rather than just going on one day charity services. That should be a focus. 

A message you would like to leave for all Rotaractors watching.

Always believe in yourself and like how our Past District Rotaract Representative Krishan Balaji has once said “Believe in yourself and also don’t take Rotaract as a stress, but make it a place where you release your stress“. 

Thank You for staying tuned with The 2022 Edition of Center Stage, and here is us promising to bring you a new, entertaining and engaging season of Center Stage in the next RI year as well! 

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